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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lock Down!

So today we went strawberry picking...but the berries weren't good. Two weeks ago they were AMAZING. This week? Mediocre. So we didn't pick much. And we had to leave early to get R from school. On our way to get R, we passed a local church across the street from us and there were police EVERYWHERE. Several of the streets were barricaded. Oh, and the SWAT team was there. But on the opposite side of the street? Life as normal. No lock down at the school at all. My 10 year old still picked up our 9 year old neighbor (very high security at this school ;-).
But when we got home, the helicopters started. There were enough of them that I knew whatever was going on was "big doings", so we all went inside, I locked the doors and forbade the kids to go outside for any reason. For the next 4 HOURS we listened to helicopters flying overhead. NEVER did we get a phone call telling us what was going on. None of the local news channels had it on their websites at first, so we were totally clueless. Turns out, a wanted criminal was holed up in his house, and a standoff ensued. They finally ended it close to 6 PM with tear gas. Just in time too, since we needed to leave for AWANA at 6. I am glad it's now a quiet night. The constant droneof helicopters makes you feel like you live in an occupied territory. Oh, and we kind-of were since our street was LINED with strange cars as people drove as close as they could then got out and walked down to the action. Weird , huh? The whole "main drag" was full of people watching the stand-off. Sad, but true. And apparently, they felt totally at home parking in front of our house and walking off...Some things defy logical explanation.
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Friday, January 25, 2008

One big "Boogie"

Sari has always been an easy child. Really. God knew I couldn't handle much more, so I think He gave me the easiest child on the planet. She is a blessing to our whole family. And she is generally obedient, easy going, and just fun to be around. Like last night as she was singing, "Wanna buy dees shoes, for my mamma peas..." Yep, Christmas Shoes is apparently her new favorite. Sari is the type you can take to the park and not wonder where she is because she stays either where I can see her, or with her friends or siblings. She's the type you can take to a house that is not baby friendly because she doesn't mess with stuff. She's just easy...

But, she is a little grumpy lately. She's giving up her nap, but around 7 PM that can make for one very grumpy Sari. And tonight, she was fit to be tied. TJ messed with her about something, and that got her started. Then she stepped on a toy and OUCH! she was crying again. Then, I get on the phone for the first time all day (for a legitimate reason too) and she literally is almost screaming, "I want you...I want you rock me". So I get off the phone and pick her up to go rock her. She had her finger inserted firmly up her nose (which she does frequently when fishing for "boogies") and so I asked if she had something in her nose. "Yes". Is it a boogie? "NO!" Wait, what do you mean NO. Sari what do you have in your nose?

Thus begins my odyssey. I try to get her to explain what is going it that she scratched in her nose and it hurts (no), did she stick something up there, but it's out now (no), is there something in there now? YES! SO I find a flashlight, and sure enough, there is something in there, although I cannot for the life of me figure out what it is. It LOOKS like the same color and same texture as the inside of her nose, but clearly there is something there that does not belong. BUT, I did think I could get it out without a trip to the ER. Oh, and did I mention she and I are home alone at this point? My husband and TJ are at the store, and the other kids are at R's house.

So I get my pointy tweezers,

and the flashlight,

and get her in a headlock with my legs,

and quickly realize the only way to do this myself was to grow 5 more arms...

or wait for reinforcements.

SO we waited until daddy got home.

I explained the situation to him, and he did his best not to freak out. He also found some tweezers (the ones off a swiss army knife that are very thin, but not as sharp and pointy as mine). He wanted to see her nose, and we woke her up (she had fallen asleep in my arms) showing him, so there was no time like the present. Working together, we got her in a place that I could slip the tweezers up into her nose and grab the object. Thankfully, since it was the same color as the inside of her nose, GOD guided my hand to only get it, and not her flesh too. I had actually prayed with her before I tried to remove it, and afterward, when I was holding it in my hand, I could talk to her about answered prayer in a very real way.

SO what was it? Well, TJ has taken an interest in magic tricks, especially the ones they have at AWANA in the reward basket. They tend to be mini-sized, and last time he got a kit that has 3 small cups and a small red foam ball and you try to figure out what cup the ball is under...well in this case, the ball made an unnatural detour to a different hiding place! Sari apparently found the ball and, for the first time ever, decided to see what happens when you stick something where it doesn't belong. Here's hoping she never tries that again! Otherwise, she may need Mr. Scott to show her some of the reality behind the magic, although she now knows that a nose is not a good hiding place!

One big Boogie...or one small's all a matter of perspective. It may be tiny, but then so is a 2 year old's nasal passage!
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Thursday, January 24, 2008

So many things to blog about...

So little time given all that I should be doing :-).

We went to the Calvary Chapel Pastor's Conference Mon.-Wed. It was our first time going (my family personally, not our church). Everyone kept telling me how much I'd LOVE it...and I did. It was wonderful on many levels. First, it was great to hear in person (I'm with Ann that there is a real power to hearing the teaching first person...and I'm so technologically ignorant that even podcasts are beyond me) many of the pastors I had heard about. To say I especially liked one or the other would imply I did not like the rest, so I won't say that, but they each had a different style and it was fun to hear them all "do their thing". Second, it makes you appreciate even more how great our pastor is. I mean really. He is so gifted by God to correctly divide His word. He could have totally held his own and then some with all these "heavy hitters", but I'm glad he wasn't up there. I'm glad he had the chance to get his cup filled without any expectations being placed on him, and I'm glad his wife got to go to the luncheon for senior pastor's wives and visit with some wonderful people.
Tuesday was a great and terrible day all rolled into one. The kids had an all day field trip to the zoo while we had sessions all day. The great part I'll cover in the next blog. The terrible part? TJ threw up at breakfast that morning. YEP, right in the hotel's breakfast area. But then he jumped up and started playing with L and running around, and since it was mostly, well, snot, that he threw up (after sniffling a lot in his sleep), we thought that was it. Although I did tell the people in the youth area what had happened, but even they were still encouraging about him going to the zoo and brushed it off.
We got a message after lunch that he had thrown up AT LUNCH at the zoo. But again, the chaperon said he was fine afterward, and they didn't think it was anything of concern. He did apparently get warm (they were wearing 2 shirts-what we dressed them in and then the conference T-shirt over it so they could easily identify the group), and they took him to a car to sit in the air conditioning for a few minutes, but then back to the zoo, and back to normal.
Dinner. YEP, they fed him I need to say more? Actually, they called because he was running a low temp. when they got back from the zoo, and so I left our lovely church folks dinner and went to get him. He had not gotten sick, that waited until I got there. I picked him up, we headed for the car, and suddenly, he turns to me and says, "I don't feel so good."
Okay, now what you need to know is that this church is an old Walmart, and the bathrooms are at the FAR corners of the world. We, on the other hand, are in the middle of everything. Oh, and there are NO garbage cans. NONE. I know, because that frantic mom mode kicks in, and there were none to be found. So we get almost to the lobby (where there ARE garbage cans) and, you guessed it, pizza puke on the floor...and in the closest water fountain. Did I mention I was carrying Sari, who is passed out in the deepest sleep possible? SO I round the corner, leaving TJ at the water fountain, and with Sari tipping over with my every lean, so I can't bend down to do anything about the mess, and find the lady working in the bookstore. She was SO kind, and handled everything, while escorted my son, and my still passed out daughter to the car, where Sari promptly woke up as soon as I sat her down.
We met my husband back at the hotel, and he took Sari back to the conference, while I hung out with TJ, who finished barfing up the pizza, took a bath, and then we watched the first Fabulous Four movie, and he bemoaned a headache. He fell asleep, slept the rest of the night, woke up a few times whining, but always went back to sleep, and then was PERFECTLY FINE in the morning. But, we played it safe and went home instead of finishing out the conference. By the time evening came on Wednesday, he went to AWANA with Tuesday's events just a distant memory. Weird huh? If he had never eaten on Tuesday, he would have been fine until the fever episode in the evening, and even that cleared right up. So far, all the other kids are totally fine too. Prayerfully, all the kids who were with TJ Monday and Tuesday will remain fine also, but I think they will, since these really just seems to be a fluke sort of thing. But it did put a damper on my night, and put an early end to our conference. Ironically, the morning session we missed was about the Wiles of the Devil. It was the continuation of a session from Tuesday and talked about the ploys the Devil uses. Hummmmm, maybe that illness wasn't such a fluke after all...
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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

One more quirk

I don't like coffee. Well, really, coffee doesn't like me, if you know what I mean (and if you don't...don't ask, LOL). Honestly though, I really don't care for coffee. I might have an occasional iced coffee. VERY weak, and with lots of sugar and creamer. Oh, and those Starbucks Caramel Machiato things-GROSS! I think they taste like you are drinking a cigar- just NASTY! And yes, I know I'm weird :-).
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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Quirkiness x 6

I was tagged a week or so ago, and I am supposed to share 6 quirky things about myself. I haven't done it yet, largely because I lack the ability to follow the instructions about linking to blogs, etc. I have no idea how to do any of that, but here's my 6 things anyway.

1) I don't like vegetables. Really. I will eat lettuce, corn on the cob, sweet potatoes, and things that are cooked in a broth beyond the point of being recognizable, but not much beyond that.

2) I can speak in front of large groups with no problem, but I'm totally intimidated by making small talk.

3) I've broken the same toe twice, so I usually wear shoes all the time-even in the house.

4) Growing up, I always teased my mom about the fact that she was always, I've become her :-).

5) I have a ridiculously hard time seeing a load of laundry through from start to finish. I can get it all the way through the dryer usually, but folding it...that's my stumbling block.

6) I have a bookcase full of self-help to be a better mother, how to keep house, how to take good pictures, how to __________ (just fill in the blank), but I don't enjoy them, and so I don't read them, and so I've stopped even buying them. When I take the time to read, I want to be entertained, and if I want instruction, than the one book I really need to read is the Bible. But, I keep the ones I have...just in case.
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Molasses Cookie Recipe

I made these today, and I figured before I put the recipe away I should post it :-). There's nothing "Christmasy" about these cookies, so I have no idea why they are a Christmas tradition, but they are good.

Molasses Cookies
Makes about 4 dz Cook 8-10 minutes at 375 degrees

3/4 C Melted Butter
1 C sugar
1/4 C Molasses

Combine above and then add

1 egg

Beat well and add

2 tsp baking soda
1C flour
1/2 tsp cloves
1/2 tsp ginger
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp salt

Mix together and then add

1 more C of flour

Mix well

Chill 1 hour

Roll into 1" balls and roll each ball in sugar to coat. Place 2" apart on greased cookie sheet (or ungreased stoneware). Remove from oven when cookies start to flatten.

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Monday, January 14, 2008

New stuff

My husband and I had an impromptu date on Saturday night and went to IKEA. When we went in December we saw a table we liked, and as I was looking it up online, we found out that it wasn't in the catalog OR on their website. Afraid that they were discontinuing it, we decided to go buy it. That's a big deal for us. See, other than our crib/dressers/rocker that we got when I was pregnant with Scott and we were both working AND the parental units kicked in funding, we have NEVER had a new piece of furniture. Even our "new" bed that we bought last year after my mom demanded we return the one we were borrowing from her was actually a reconditioned one. Crazy, isn't it? The timing isn't great, with just getting a new fridge, but we are blessed in that we had a delayed tax return that will cover the fridge and kitchen stuff, and so we were able to buy the table. It helps that IKEA's stuff is so cheap. I'm thrilled and so is my husband. Our old table wasn't actually ours, it too was my mom's. And, it only had 3 matching chairs (the 4th one had broken) and we were using 3 others (two that matched each other, and one that was totally a misfit, but so solid that I broke my toe on it right after Sari was born). We couldn't ever seat more than 6 at that table, and we have 6 in our family, so that made having guests eat with us hard. The new one is square, and seats 8 easy, and could seat 12 if you enjoy feeling a bit like a sardine. We even got 8 matching chairs, and 8 chair pads. Here are some pictures of the old one coming down, assembling the new one, and us eating our first meal at it that night.
This is why we love the new table. Plenty of space, but it still feels so intimate for it seating 8 people.
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Monday, January 7, 2008

Dental nightmares :-)

So we went to the dentist today to get our teeth cleaned. The kids LOVE to go to the dentist. It's downright weird, but it probably stems from the fact that they've not had a cavity so far, so they haven't had a negative experience.
I, on the other hand...
I got my first gray hair at 22 and my first crown at 23. Genetics do not seem to work in my favor.
I have enough fillings to set off a metal detector, if they were still metal that is. And 3 more crowns have joined the first one. I just have BAD teeth. And I still have 3 amalgam fillings, which I am seriously wanting out, but that's another blog.
Today, I get my teeth cleaned, and as always I lie there totally compliant, but clinching my hands that are folded on my stomach. I just anticipate those sensitive spots that send me through the roof. Finally, most of my trouble spots from the fillings of the past 2 years are calm, but then T goes to do the fluoride (this sand blasting sort of process that removes any plaque that's left and coats your teeth at the same time) and BAM! Pain! She does the suction, and when she pulls it out, she says, "do you know what that is?" I look carefully and see a long whitish thing stuck to the suction wand.
"It's your filling."
great, swell!
And because it's my life, that filling is just over a year old, and the dentist replaces them within a year for free, but more than a're on your own. Fortunately, my hygienist and I have a long relationship, and she goes and pleads my case. My new filling will be done as a "professional courtesy" , meaning FREE.
BUT, they couldn't get me until a week from this Thursday. Yeah. And did I mention the GAPING HOLE in my tooth? And it gets better because this filling was actually at the base of a tooth with a crown on it too. Can you imagine? Who else has a crown and a filling in the same tooth? It seems to me that last time he filled it, he actually had to laser away part of my gum to make get the filling in place. Happy happy, joy joy.
But, I will rejoice in the Lord. If Paul can rejoice in prison, I can rejoice in my circumstances too. And God has already blessed me. Not only will the filling be free, but the dentist's office called right before they closed and told me they had a cancellation for TOMORROW morning at 9:30. God is good!
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Fridge/floor update

So the floor is finished in the utility room (except for the quarter round molding, and mark my words that a year from now that still won't be done). It looked soooo much better...until we brought in all the "stuff" that resides in the utility room. Now? Well now it just looks like a much prettier floor with stuff all over it. See the problem is I LOVE open space with nothing in it...but that's not the reality of my life. The reality of my life is constant laundry, and OCD about how to wash it, so I need bins for lights, coloreds, and darks, as well as cleaning cloths (dust rags, etc.), kitchen towels (which get bleached), and bath towels. Plus, our old-house-lack-of-closet-space problem means we have bins to keep shoes, etc. accessible. All that means most of my nice pretty new floor is covered up.
Here's the floor without stuff on it.

Here's the new fridge, which suffers from the same problem as the floor. It's so pretty blank, but in reality, we have chore charts, important phone numbers, magnets, etc. on it, so it's not pretty looking anymore either. And the one feature I LOVED so much, crushed ice, is the one I'm regretting most now since it makes a mess of small ice pieces on the floor every time we use it. ARGH! On the flip side, that patch of floor in front of the fridge gets mopped A LOT!

On a side note, why is it FRIDGE with a "D" when you abbreviate it that way, but REFRIGERATOR without a "D" when you spell it out? I've always wondered that!
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I don't know why, but...

It's a peppermint bark kind of day. That's all I'm sayin'. Except that I might have to eat the whole box, all 1 pound of it, before the day is over.

This stuff from William Sonoma is the BOMB. Seriously good. And it should be, as it is seriously expensive at $20 a box. It's my in-laws little way of saying "I love you" every Christmas, and it probably is the thing that balances out the rest of the year, LOL.

They buy a box for themselves, us, my husband's sister, and even MY sister. Yep, $80 in chocolate in one single purchase.

Did I mention it's seriously good?
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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Making cookies On Christmas Eve Eve

My mom, my siblings, their families, and my family all get together each year to make Christmas cookies. Like most families, we have favorites that only get made at Christmas time. We make Kris Kringles (cut out cookies, whose dough, in my opinion, is MUCH better than the final product, but my mom, my husband, and my kids love them), Berliner Kranzes-an orange flavored butter cookies that is rolled into the shape of wreaths and candy canes and then frosted, brownies with peppermint frosting, molasses cookies, and sometimes peppermint balls-really YUMMY, but lots of work-I've learned how to cheat and make them as bar cookies though. This year, because Michael and S were here, we made S's favorites called White Velvet cookies, which are also cut outs-THEY are YUMMY to the max.

Uncle Ernie put the kids to work washing dishes as soon as we walked in the door-not exactly the fun they were expecting.
Sari enjoyed plopping the cookie cutters down, but after a while we taught her the economy of a well placed cookie cutter (the more cookies you get out of the first roll-out the better since each time you roll them you add flour and they can get tough and flour-y tasting if you roll them too much).
S coats the Kris Kringles with milk before the kids go to work.

I know you can't appreciate this from the photo, but the cookie in the back has a good 1/2 inch of decorations on it, and my nephew Bam-Bam's fingers are a little damp from taste testing (yuck!).

Bam Bam and TJ had good fun decorating.

Scott enjoyed cutting out cookies the most and has gotten pretty good at placing them just right.
Mimi and Uncle E decided COOKING the dough was highly overrated and decided to just decorate their noses with it instead.
If it seems like every timeyou see my brother, he has kids hinging on him, it's because, well, it's true. Here even my Godson joins in. There may be 3 visible kids, but there are actually 2 more (see Mimi's pink sandals and TJ's gray legs with black socks that have no face to match?).
Anyway, we had a good time, TJ's Christmas bike got assembled (that why my husband isn't in the cookie making pictures), and the cookies are all gone already.
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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas Eve

My husband's parents have had a tradition for years of having a Christmas eve gathering. They make stew and then, in Stuart, their friends would drop by before or after the Christmas Eve church service they were attending. Now that they are here for Christmas, my family and my mom, step dad, sister and her family are the only attendees. They served sparkling grape juice in plastic champagne glasses, and the boys felt sooo mature. All the kids are in their Christmas clothes that Nana and Pop Pop bought for them.
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Christmas catch-up

I never really blogged about Christmas, but it was fine. On Christmas eve we decided to move the Christmas Day gathering from our house to my mom's. I still made most of the food, but it was a HUGE relief to not have the event here. It ended up that there were 14 adults and 6 kids, so our funky floor plan would have made it much harder than it was at mom's.

Here are some pictures from Christmas morning at our house:
Stocking fun!

If you haven't tried Kid K'nex, you are REALLY missing out. Too cool! I think Scott has enjoyed this set more than TJ even. TJ's other gift in the picture is a remote control car.

Sari was WAY into Kiss-mas. She loved the whole present thing. We got her the Little Einstein figures, which have been a huge hit, even if they probably do have lead levels through the roof.

Scott got some new computer software. Cyberchase, which is a favorite PBS show, has these two games, plus he got a new Eye Spy, which all the kids love. Oh, and a big boy sized sleeping bag now that he is pushing 5 feet tall.

And Christmas afternoon at Mom's:
The adults of our family have moved from ridiculously trying to buy gifts for each other (and never knowing what anyone needs/wants because we see each other only a few times a year, plus now we have "extras" who come for the holidays and we don't want them to be left out) to doing a $20 gift exchange, Chinese auction style. Nana opened a movie, Meet the Robinsons, and her grandkids could not have been more excited. That's my mom smiling in the background.

My husband's sister, her husband, and our nephew. Poor boy. Our 4 kids just are a wee bit overwhelming to an only child who is fond of quiet. They do LOVE him though.
Scott couldn't wait to open the BIG GIFT. What was it? A 76 key keyboard. He LOVES it. We finally got is set up in his bedroom today and he played it almost all day. Yea Nana, Pop Pop, Aunt K and Uncle K who all went in together to buy it.
My brother's girlfriend S...have I mentioned we LOVE her? She opened this funny spinning frog for her exchange gift. The catch? My sister actually bought it for herself, thinking no one else would want it and she would be able to steal it back. She got her wish, not because it wasn't cute, but because Laur's number was so much later than most of the rest of us.
3 of my kids (that's TJ's blond head sandwiched between Michael and Mimi) pile on Uncle Michael and S. We love them, can you tell?
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The continuing fridge saga

Okay, so I was nice to the guy on the phone at Sears. He said he's look into it and call me back in 5 minutes...50 minutes later we finally touched bases. Seems the first story was just that...a story. Turns out there just aren't any of that particular fridge to be found anywhere they bothered to look close by to our area. For my frustration, they have refunded me 10% plus the tax on that 10% and I should know tomorrow what the status is. I went to appliance direct today with 5 kids (MISTAKE!!!!) and have another fridge in mind if this one does not pan out. For now, it's cold enough just to keep food outside, LOL, but then there's the whole wild animal thing, so instead it's a few painfully cold treks across the street. But I'm making my "feel better"-some chocolate chip cookies (and I promised the kids cocoa to go with them). Nothing like a little sugar to make it all better :-).
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So Sears just called
Our refrigerator?

They've lost it.

Can't find the truck the fridge is supposed to be on.

Oh, and they will call us within 24-48 hours to update the delivery time.

Welcome to my life.

Then, I call the delivery 1-800 number back only to reach India where they can do nothing for me except repeat the mantra, "call the store you purchased it at for an update." The problem? IT"S 8 AM and the store opens at 10. I don't "do" waiting well, especially not when I am frustrated, and yes, I am sure this is an opportunity to be refined by God, but the thing is...I don't feel like being refined right now, I feel like bullying someone into bringing me my fridge TODAY if they have to walk it here on a hand trolley. After all, I paid for it, I have a receipt stating it will be delivered today, and I want it TODAY (YEP, I need to work on that dying-to-self thing).
Tempted to drive myself and 5 kids (we have R today) to Appliance Direct, pick out a new fridge and tell cancel the order. The kicker? There a "restocking" fee if you cancel your order. But can they really charge me to restock what they can't find? We may just find out.
Don't call me around 10...I suspect my line will be VERY BUSY.
And yes, this cyber-hissy fit is making me feel better already, so that's probably to the benefit of the poor person at Sears who answers the phone.
On a thankful note, Scott was playing his sister's Strawberry Shortcake DDR, so his neck must be feeling better.
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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

It seems wrong not to blog on the first day of the new year, but I must admit I'm not much in the mood, and the FLYLady just e-mailed me to say it's time to go to bed, so I will take her up on that soon I think.
I spent the day scraping the old floor tiles off the floor and my husband spent the day leveling out the floor, waiting on the leveler to dry, sanding the leveler, applying more get the idea. I have blisters beginning on my thumb and my palm from the sheer force needed to break the bonds of the adhesive. Sometimes, the pushing action caused me to move across the floor instead of the tiles to become unstuck. I love the new flooring, but it is a lot of work, and since the leveling stuff takes forever to dry, the tiles that go where the new fridge will go can't even get stuck down until the morning. The fridge arrives between 11-1. Nothing like cutting it a bit close! Here are some pictures:

This is the old fridge. I'd be mad that it died, but it is almost 15 years old and never gave us a day of problems, so who can complain? Oh, and it was a wedding gift from my husband's parents, so we didn't even buy it (we DID pick it out though).

This is my kitchen floor-minus the old tiles. You can see the back door to the right, and normally the fridge sits smack dab in front of that door on the wall to your left. I turned it to remove the tiles underneath, and I'm SERIOUSLY considering leaving it there (well, the NEW one...not this one.) We could "build it in" by making a partial wall, and have the area to the right of the fridge be open as a doorway to the laundry area. The draw back? Getting in to the laundry area with a basket full of clothes will be REALLY HARD. But to not have the fridge greet us every time we walk in the door....well, it might be worth it.

The old floor. We've lived here almost 7 years. What took us so long to replace it? My thriftiness for one. Why spend money you don't have to spend, BUT since the leaking water from the thawing freezer ruined the flooring in that area, why not replace it all with something else?
Okay, I didn't get on my hands and knees to clean it before this picture, and it has some random leaf type stuff because the back door was open, but all those black spots are places where the top was gouged out of the tile. The lines you see? Most of them are cracks. And that dirt is not the surface kind...nope, it's the scrub on hands and knees to make it even remotely look better kind. AND, you probably can't tell, but the tile in the upper left corner is not darker due to the flash...nope...they used TWO DIFFERENT colors of tiles. They are close in color, but one is blue and one is gray, and you can tell in person. Hey, what did you expect out of people who bought 3 for a dollar tiles?

Leveling...leveling...and more leveling. Did I mention there are TWO types of subfloors? That tan-ish brown at the bottom is where the concrete meets the wood.

12 feet down...100 more to go, LOL. Here's a small sample of what the floor will look like when it's done.

The rest of my house? WOW. What a MESS. It does not help that we are one week post Christmas and we still have some new items that need permanent homes within our home (like Scott's keyboard). Add to that the mess of an entire fridge gone bad, the day to go find a new one, ripping up floor, laying down floor, makeshift meals with a trip across the street every time you need something cold, and EVERYTHING in the laundry area needing a temporary home NOT in the laundry area, and you get one colossal mess. I am SO ready to resume some form of normalcy, and have the time to take down the tree, etc. instead of peel up tiles. But, "Do ALL things without complaining or grumbling"...although I guess technically it's too late 'cause I just did both of them, but I'm a work in progress, LOL. Even the kids are craving a return to normal. Mimi begged me to give her some math work today :-).
To finish out my day, I realized we never gave Mimi and TJ their "big" presents (big as far as I was concerned). I must have been soooo tired Christmas eve as I was wrapping that I TOTALLY did not remember the gifts I had in my office for them. What are they? Bibles of their very own, complete with Bible covers. Oh well, maybe they will be New Year's gifts.

Oh, and we went to my husband's parents for dinner to celebrate the New Year. We had ham (REALLY salty ham-which is the reason I don't care for ham in the first place, and this came from the honeybaked store, but the one in Stuart, not here, so that may explain why it is so salty when the ones here don't seem to be. Even my husband thought it was salty, and he salts everything). We also had hoppin' jack (black eyed peas) and collard greens (can you guess what I avoided like the plague?). And cornbread. I came home hungry, but I've made up for that with copious amounts of peppermint bark (chocolate doesn't require refrigeration, LOL). My kids each tried the black eyed peas and collard greens. Mimi ate 3 bites of the greens, then made the mistake of saying she didn't care for them. My F-i-l guilted her into eating the rest by saying, "But they will bring you luck in the New Year. You want good luck don't you?" To her credit, she ate them all down, but I was biting my tongue to not say, "We're CHRISTIANS...we don't believe in LUCK, especially not the kind you get by eating stuff that looks and smells like seaweed". black eyed peas to bring you coins and collard greens to bring you dollars. Forget it, I'd rather be poor and faithful than deceived and gagging on seaweed. If I seem a bit bitter, I am still trying to get over the fact that my B-I-L for some reason decided that it would be okay to lift my son off the his HEAD. The 10 year old son...the one with 80 lbs of counter weight that gravity was actively pulling back to earth as his uncle put one hand on each side of his head and lifted him off the floor. Poor Scott burst into tears. He does not like unexpected motion at all (it's a sensory thing) AND something in his neck actually POPPED and he was in pain the rest of the evening, so by the time we got to the collard green episode, I was a pretty surly mamma bear anyway. I was really afraid we'd be taking him to the E.R. and having to explain how the whole thing happened (I walked into the room as it took place and couldn't stop it but did see it). I'm still not sure what the morning will bring. If you are up and reading this tonight, say a prayer for his neck.
Anywho, I'm off to bed. I'll update you tomorrow on the neck, floor, and fridge situations :-).
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