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Monday, May 19, 2008


We've actually been "doing school" lately, and that is an accomplishment in and of itself. We are currently studying Europe, and wrapped up France today, so I made the kids crepes for breakfast, we bought Camembert cheese to have for our snack tomorrow, and I made pain au chocolate (chocolate bread-crescent rolls filled with melted chocolate chips) for dessert-YUM!
My 5 years of studying French have helped some, and we had a few days of French lessons too.
Oh, and THEY, completely on their own, decided to sculpt a mini-french experience out of model magic. They made the Eiffel tower, a train, some fountains (Versailles has 1400 fountains-they were impressed with that), and a castle. It's pretty cool!
I checked out a bunch of videos last week at the library-travel video stuff-but they are only for a week, and we've only watched the France one. We will probably watch one or two more tomorrow, and cover some of the countries the curriculum skips before we move on the Germany.
I also took a stab at sewing a beach bag like Mimi's sewing club did. It turned out really well-even if I did forget to put the straps on. Yeah, I know, but YOU try remembering to do everything with FIVE kids running around, and a 30 minute phone call from your MIL. I had to rip out stitches to put in the straps, but I don't think you notice.
I really LOVE the fabric, and I should because it was the cause of some grief that I can't share here. I wanted to finish the bag so I could take it with me to the homeschool conference. That way , I have a sturdy bag to carry around anything I buy :-). And now it's done, and I can get Mimi sewing the bag she's doing for my sister. The fabric for that one is already cut and ironed, it just needs to be sewn.
I had a follow-up appt. with the wrist surgeon today. I ALMOST forgot. I was sitting in therapy, and God must have whispered in my ear that I should look at the clock, and when I did, it suddenly clicked that I had an appt. 5 minutes ago with the Dr. Luckily they share the same office. He said my wrist looks good, but it is "frozen up" with scar tissue, and I need 6 more weeks of therapy. Yeah...but I don't think our insurance will pay for that. I had a $2500 cap, and the average visit is about $100, so I should maybe have 7 visits beyond the first session. I'm not sure what happens then. He did suggest that I take a Vicadin before my therapy appt. so that I'm doped up and the pain is not an inhibitor to them ripping the scar tissue apart. I'll give it a try Wednesday, but there's that whole I-have-to-drive-myself-to-and-from-therapy thing that might make that plan impossible. Luckily, Vicadin did not make me "wonky" after the surgery, but I didn't try driving then either. We'll see. Pray for me!
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Tiffany said...

Good job with France--I think another French tradition is to share all your good food with good friends.
I'll be praying for your therapy. I know it's a pain to have to go for 6 more weeks!

Emily said...

Your study of France sounds like so much fun.
I hope your doctor's suggestion for therapy works for you. It sounds like a good plan at least.
Looking forward to seeing you and your new bag tomorrow!