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Friday, May 9, 2008

A really nice day

Yesterday, for a really big change from our norm, we had NOTHING...except church last night. No therapy, no girl scouts, no field trips. So what did we do? We went to Sea World. I try to go every month, but that doesn't always pan out. But yesterday was perfect. We just finished one country in our curriculum and were moving into the next one, but hadn't started it yet, so it's not even like we interrupted what we were studying. In fact, we just wrapped up Norway, so we were able to visit the Puffins and Murres (the arctic equivalent to penguins, except they fly) and tie that in to our studies. We did NOT visit Wild Arctic, but we do that a lot, so that wasn't really missing out.

Mimi and TJ both decided to ride Journey to Atlantis (a big water flume/roller coaster) for the first time. Mimi of course was all bravado until it came time to get in line, then she bailed and made TJ ride first and tell her about it. That left me riding TWICE-but I lived to tell about it. It was better that way anyway since the seats are only two across. Scott stayed OUTSIDE the attraction and watched Sari. Talk about stepping out in faith! But everyone survived, and JTA is now Mimi's favorite ride. It was a good day for a water ride too, since it got into the low 90's.

Scott was very even keeled, and the day was actually very enjoyable. Also, they let me park in the medical parking, so I did not have to deal with a tram, a broken stroller, and a wrist still very limited in mobility, so I was pretty even keeled too, LOL. Scott has been begging to get a pearl (they have pearl "divers" who will bring up oysters for you to chose from for $14.95, and each one is guaranteed to have a gem quality pearl inside.) Since his birthday is coming up, I let him get one. I think he slept with it last night, he was soooo excited.

I even did the good mom thing and stopped for ice cream on the way home (I may be a good mom, but I'm not crazy enough to buy ice cream at Sea World for $4 a pop.) All in all, it was a really nice day!
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Randi Sue said...

We recently went to Islands of Adventures and I left Grace with Olivia while i went on 2 rides with the others. I was so glad to get back to her. I was worried that Olivia would pitch a fit and Grace wouldn't be able to handle her, so I loaded olivia up with junk food and drinks. it worked.

Lady G~ said...

Sounds like you all had a great day. I love days when nothing is planned. I can't help but enjoy the peacefulness of it.