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Friday, May 2, 2008

Sewing day

Actually, today started with physical therapy. I got 4 kids dressed, fed, and out the door by 7:50 so we could be at therapy by 8. My wrist has been tight and more motion restricted the past few days. If your wrist when held straight upright is 0 degrees, and full motion is 80 (although I have over 90 in my right wrist, and the left used to be even better), my wrist was about 10 maximum the past few days. Through therapy today, it is back to about 30 degrees, but regaining flexibility is honestly every bit as painful as active labor-except you are voluntarily letting someone else cause you that pain, and unlike labor, which doesn't stop until after the baby is born, you KNOW if you slugged the therapist hard enough, he'd HAVE to stop torturing you. It is really a mind over matter experience. It was so locked up that my hour appt. stretched to 1 1/2 hr. That left us late for our next activity...
Sewing. Mimi and a few friends are sewing now, and they have one day a month that they are meeting at Presley's house to learn new skills. They made beach bags today. I about lost it with Mimi so often that Presley finally stepped in to help her. It was not pretty. She has such a hard time CONTROLLING the fabric as it is feeding under the needle, so she ends up with wonky stitching, and no instruction I was giving her seemed to be making a lasting impression. ARG.
Sometimes, they really just need to hear someone else say the same thing in a different way, but she did much better with Presley (of course, Presley is not the perfectionist I am either, so there is some of the difference, LOL). I guess Mimi and I both need to work harder-her on developing sewing skills, and me on patience-which coincidentally is what our fellowship group is apparently talking about this month. God is good that way.
We went from sewing to home for a while, and I iced my wrist. Then, off to a UIP concert. I've just gotten home at 8:45. Just another day in our crazy life :-).
I'm going to sign off now because I can't ice my wrist and type too.
until tomorrow.
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Tiffany said...

I have an idea--close your eyes while Emily sews. It will all turn out okay in the end. It's okay if it looks like an 8 year old made it. :0) That's how my stuff always looks and it's okay (for me). Wow--you have the busiest life of anyone I know~!

Leisa said...

It is always easier to be patient with someone elses child, so no judgement here. Your own child knows just how to push those buttons. I had fun with all you guys