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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Has it really been that long?

I keep having things to blog about I don't remember them when I am actually at my computer. So much has happened recently, but my days being so busy mean that I have little computer time, and what I have, I tend to spend reading everyone else's blogs, LOL.
This week will be busy too. I have physical therapy twice this week, and they have really stepped it up. I only have 4 sessions left, and I have not made adequate progress-not in their book, and certainly not in mine. So Friday, the torture began. Really, I'd rather have yet another child without pain meds than go through the therapy. I was reduced to tears Friday, and that's always great when the person reducing you to tears is a young 20 something guy. I felt like a wuss. I was a wuss. But there is no way to describe how excruciating it is. For a visual, imagine you have a few layers of fabric sewn together, and you need to free them from each other, but the only way to free the stitches that bind them is to just pull like crazy on the top layer, then bend the fabric to its extremes to try to pull the middle layers free. Eventually, the stitches rip apart, but it isn't easy, and when those "stitches" are scar tissue, and the fabric is skin/tendon/muscle/ and a ridiculous amount of nerve endings, there just is no way to explain. The worst is when they take my fingers and bend them into a fist. Every little tendon SCREAMS in agony, and the little ones are the ones that run from where your hand and fingers connect all the way up each finger. (Actually, those tendons are the same as the ones that run in your arms, but they get smaller as they move out into your fingers.) Anyway, having someone else, who is not in your body experiencing your pain, moving your fingers into a fist bring levels of pain I just can't describe. But enough of beating that dead horse.
The reason I only have therapy twice is that the homeschool conference is this week, and I am going down there Thursday for the leaders' day, and staying through Saturday. I will even have a room, that I got for ridiculously cheap, and as of right now, I have to myself! That will be exciting! Although the right roomie would be fun too.
SO much for all the things I was going to blog, 'cause I need to get stuff done...maybe tomorrow!

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Tiffany said...

I was just about to send you an e-mail asking if you were ever going to blog again...but I thought I'd check your blog first and I was rewarded with a post!
I'm sorry your therapy is so difficult--I'll be praying for you and that it gets better soon so you can be free from that torture.

Leisa said...

Can you get an epidural?? Just kidding. I am so sorry about the torture, especially since you have to pay for it... I will also keep you and a quick recovery in my prayers.

crispy said...

Your description makes me cringe. UGH.

Sorry it has been so painful.

Lady G~ said...

I "feel" your pain. You are in my thought and prayers.

You mentioned a couple of weeks ago that you were trying to email me and it kept saying your emails were spam mail. I wrote back to you and you didn't answer. Fell free to call me anytime. :o)

Randi Sue said...

Oh, I had no idea therapy could be so painful. I am so sorry you are having to go through this.