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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Feeling ick

I'm either getting a cold or my allergies are in rare form. Either way, I feel ick. I've sneezed, oh, a million times, and my nose should be nice and red tomorrow. ARG!
On a happier note, old former neighbor is here for the night. She came for the afternoon, but Mimi and R were having such a good time that we decided she could stay the night and go to church and Willy Wonka with us tomorrow. Then, I will trek half way to Tampa to take her home :-).
On a not-so-happier note, she's never actually spent the night because she always would freak out about 11 PM and start crying to go home. Tonight, she started early. BUT, unlike when she lived across the street, she's here for the long haul. Unfortunately, she is needy on a night I am needing to not have any children around so I can sniffle and sneeze in peace. It's good I have a nurturing daughter :-). She'll do fine I am sure and I hope that after one tough night, she will be okay in the future, because with the price of gas, it's more worthwhile if they can visit for a longer period of time and not just a few hours.
I'm signing off now to go blow my nose, LOL.
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bfarmmom said...

Hope you had a restful night.

Steph said...

Feel better soon! The good thing is it only lasts about three long as you don't get the cough.
R< L AND K have it my house too...this was my last shot at going to the show too but Jeff had to go to Vero and I couldn't leave 'em all sick here! Sloan was the only other one who didn't see it so I couldn't just leave her here to go see it myself. Boohoo
Hope your visitor sleeps tight. Give her some Benadryl. Haha

Leisa said...

We have it over here too, Ethan has a cold and fever and Maddy has an ear infection... Hope you feel better soon.


Tiffany said...

You guys stay away with your cooties! We don't have it here and do not want it!
I do hope you feel better A--