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Thursday, May 1, 2008

I flew a plane today...what did you do?

Today we had a homeschool field trip to a local airport. A newer family to our group owns the fuel rights there, and they lined up a bunch of great things for the kids to do. First the sheriff was there with their helicopter. They also showed us their plane. And let the kids climb in both of them (the camera for the plane costs more than the plane itself!). It was great.
Then, we saw some planes and helicopters for hire for day trips (at $1800-2500 an hour it's a little out of my budget). One that the kids got to look around in was worth 2 Million. TJ's favorite thing was seeing that plane.
Then off to another hanger to see them repairing a plane (the pilot came up early on the runway and clipped a barrel-he did $40,000 of damage...YIKES!). They also trick out and repair cars. Mimi's favorite thing was the car with no door handles. They opened when you pushed a button on the remote.
Then, the piece de resistance. They arranged for plane rides. For $25 a trip (each trip held 3 people), you got a nice ride-about 25 minutes. Scott and TJ went up with another boy in our group. They really enjoyed it. Then Mimi decided she wanted to go, but there was no one else to ride with her, so Sari and I joined her. Sari thought it was great, and can't wait to do it again (we literally sat her on 6 inches of books so that she could see out the windows. Mimi enjoyed it a lot, and was proud of herself for being brave enough to go. And me? Well, I've had a migraine since Saturday. The headache is subsided for the most part, but I've had lingering dizziness, fuzziness in my head, and just generally not feeling right. So what do I do? Go up in a small plane on a windy day. NOT a good idea. But, let me say, it was fun, and it was actually much better than I thought it would be. AND I got to fly the plane. From the airport to my town! Then the pilot flew over our house, and I got to take pictures (although by that point looking down as we were circling was NOT a happy thing). Then I flew back, and he took over again when we got to the airport.
It was actually not bad, in a relative way. But I prefer to have the vehicle I am traveling in to be firmly connected to the earth. It's weird to be going along in the plane and then suddenly the plane is blown over to the side by 10 feet. I imagine a boat is much the same way. We can suggest the direction, but when you are traveling on water or air, you are subject to many forces, most beyond the sphere of human influence. You suggest the direction, but wind and waves ultimately determine it , and then you correct for that, and the wind blows again. Yeah, not my cup of tea, LOL.
But hey, I flew a plane today. Pretty cool, even if I have paid for it with a resurgence of the migraine of epic proportions. Consequently, I spent the rest of the afternoon lying flat and still in my bed and imploring my children to breath more quietly, LOL. I missed church tonight, but it is getting better as long as I sit totally still.
We were blessed today to have such a wonderful field trip and an amazing opportunity. We were also blessed to have met some believers who were transparent in their faith, and that impacted the way they dealt with the kids, which was really positive. All in all a great day, even given the migraine thing.
until tomorrow,
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Lisa said...

How much FUN!!! (the airplane ride...not the migraine...)....I hope you feel better and glad ya'll had such a wonderful time! :)

crispy said...

How cool...sorry we missed this one.

Randi Sue said...

What a neat trip!