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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The teaser for tonight's news?

"Your child's school day could soon get drastically earlier.", NOT.
Have I mentioned how much I like homeschooling sometimes?
And get this, the reporter who is covering the story just said that changing the start time might make the student's day "hecticer" instead of "more hectic". Bet he went to public school, LOL.
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Lisa said...

That's yer tax dollers at werk!
(a produck of 12 years of Florida publik schoolz) :)

Leisa said...

I am so glad I pay a gagillion dollars a year in taxes to the PS system!! It gives me such a warm fuzzy feeling, you know like the bitter acid rising right before you hurl!!

Randi Sue said...

I'm so glad I am in charge of when my kids get out of bed.