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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Have I ever mentioned that patience isn't my thing?

I KNOW this is a huge area in my life in which God is really trying to refine me. I just am not good at waiting. At least not in places where the wait is due to poor business practice/lack of workers properly allocated to meet customer needs.
So where did I go last night to exasperate this?
Wally world.
I begin with, at the deli counter, there was 1 person working, and 3 people in line (I was the third). There was another guy behind the counter, but he was busy messing with the saran wrap roller. For at least 5 minutes. Really, is that a priority when there's a line at the cutting counter? I guess it didn't really matter because they were down to one slicer for cheese and one slicer for meat, so even if someone else was working, they would not have been able to do anything. ARG.
In my humble opinion, the deli should be fully open until it's actually closed...then they should pay the workers past closing time for the time it takes to clean the slicers. Crazy, aren't I? It would be one thing if the above situation with waiting so long was an abnormal occurrence, but this happens EVERY time I go to the deli at that hour.
THEN? Then I go to check out. And find myself wishing desperately that our store had the self-check-outs Christine was just blogging about because even malfunctioning, they would have been better than the 30 minute wait I had to check out. No. I'm not exaggerating. And 20 of that came from the person whose check-out was already in progress when I got in that line. Leave it to me to pick the new cashier and the woman paying with WIC checks. (And buying a new comforter for her bed too. I know it's none of my business, but if our system is soooo warped if we are giving people WIC money for their groceries when they can then turn around and afford to buy a 350 thread count comforter. We need to help people who are really in need, not people who just can't afford all the things society tells them are necessary in life. But I'll move on.)
Again, I was the third person in line, but there were only 3 lanes open, and this was the "shortest" line. It wasn't until later that I realized short was relative. The lady in front of me and I were doing our best to show the cashier grace, but I have to admit while I kept my mouth shut, and spoke graciously, it was not necessarily reflecting all the internal dialog-and that's the dross that God's still working on. I need to be ale to look at the cashier and MEAN it when I say, "That's okay. Take your time." Instead, I was thinking, "My ice cream is melting. I mean, 30 minutes here and then 15's going to be melted mush. Should I even buy it at this point? Maybe I should ask to exchange it. But that would take too long, and I don't want to upset the cashier. Oh well, it will freeze back up eventually." The wait was so bad, the lady in front of me and I joked about exchanging phone numbers so we had a witness for our husbands, because there was no way they were going to believe us. And then what does she do when it was her turn to pay? Pulls out two gift cards to use, and then wants to write a check for the rest.
It was a very long night :-).
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crispy said...

I think I know that deli. ={

Tiffany said...

I avoid Wal-mart like the plague. I only go in when I have to and then I have to psych myself up not to freak out. I recently read something on patience that said that when you have to wait in a line it's good to try to think about scripture you've memorized. It helps pass the time while focusing your thoughts on more pleasant things. I tried it yesterday at WM and it did help me get through the 20 minute line in the express lane.