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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Codename: The Playhouse

Since it's a little hard to hide the building of a HUGE chicken coop (THIS is the one we are building), we have had to come up with an alibi. We are calling it "The Playhouse". The kids are more than half hoping it ends up becoming a REAL playhouse, and my nephew has already signed on to sleep in there with the chicks. We realized today that we have to move it into the yard BEFORE the fence goes in-there won't be a way to get it through the fence if we don't. The problem is that that means it is totally in plain sight for any inquiring minds. And since the garden seems to draw the neighbors over to say "hi" and check it out, I'm really glad we have an explanation in place for what this hulking structure might be, LOL. The neighbors behind us know what our plan is, but still, we don't need to draw attention to it even more. The countdown is on until the peepers arrive!
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Leisa said...

I bought the plans for this coop first. I loved it but it didn't fit into our yard as covertly as the one we have. I love this coop!!

Melissa said...

Very exciting! I love the little ark - think we need that for our nursery coop.