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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Guess what arrived today???


is what 27 chicks looks like!!!

Of course, they aren't all mine. In fact only 3 of them were mine...but thanks to God multiplying chicks, I ended up with four-one for each child. I had only ordered 3 at first because I wanted one chick of a different type that was "unavailable" for our shipping day, but we requested that they ship one if they had one available. Since I wanted no more than 4 chickens, I didn't want to order 4 and then have the other one be available too and end up with 5.


Then my kids started talking about THEIR chick...and what they would name THEIR chick. Except that with 4 kids and 3 chicks, there wasn't a "their" chick. It was more like community chicks. So I made arrangements with a friend to buy one of her chicks...but it turns out she didn't order as many as she thought. SO then I tried to buy one from another friend who was getting 17, but she didn't want to part with a breed that I thought would work well in my covert coop.

But the more I mulled it over, the more I figured I'd just take my chances with one of the ones she would part with. Except that Presley and I were struggling to figure out which ones exactly WERE that breed. 11 were clearly identifiable, but the last of the 12 not so much. SO we counted over and over, and separated them this way and that, and still couldn't figure it out...but always got 27 chicks.

Until the last count. Then suddenly we had 28 chicks. 28. Meaning there was an extra one for me. Without having to tap into anyone else's order. God is in the details, I tell you. We have NO idea what breed it is. It may be the one I was hesitant about, but I guess we won't know for sure until it gets bigger. For now it is just yellow and fluffy :-).

The three Red Star chicks (you can see the butt of the yellow one behind)...they are under a red heat lamp, so the coloring is off. The one that's standing is Rachel-Scott's chick.

Fuzzy yellow chick-Mimi laid claim to this one. Her name is Buttercup.Here is our brooder. It was free. Scott's one friend's parents lay floors for a living, and one of their clients offered them this. They built it to transport their cats (they are snowbirds). The friend's parents grabbed it for someone they knew who has ducks, but they never came and got it and they were throwing it away one day when I went to pick up Scott. I, not at all ashamed to dumpster dive, happily plucked it from their garbage, and voila! Chick brooder!

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