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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Random update-fence

So, we signed the contract this week for our fence. We refinanced the house over a year ago, and kept some money out for home improvements. Then my husband's part time employer stopped being able to pay him, and suddenly, that money became the provision that was keeping us afloat each month. God's plan is perfect even if it is totally different than our own! Anyway, our finances still are awful, like most of the rest of America, but we have a dog that spends 23 1/2 hours a day crated and 3 pseudo-illegal chickens arriving this week, and the fence really has become more of a priority. After the shock of the fence being WAY more than I thought, we revised our plan a bit. We are handling part of the fence. We have a unique situation in that we have no backyard-just a side yard. The side yard bumps up to our carport, which has a 2 foot wall with a full height column every 10 feet. Those spans between the columns are what we are filling. My husband has a PLAN, as most men with power tools do, and this is what he's building:

Two of the four are done so far. The Hubs promises all of them will be done this week-end, as the rest of the fence could be in this week.
I love havin' me a handy man :-). He'd do the whole fence, but he'd need to allocate several week-ends to the project and we have other more pressing needs for his time...and a time sensitive delivery of some peepers who will need to be hidden from view before they get too big, LOL.

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Melissa said...

Very nice!

Julie said...

I like it!!

Anonymous said...

I wish I would have known. Mike can help you all with a fence. He built ours afterall. Let us know if you want help.