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Saturday, April 17, 2010


Let me just get it out in the open right now-I don't like veggies.


It's kind of like someone not liking liver-they are just wholly unappealing to me. I eat corn on the cob...and romaine lettuce...and potatoes, if you can count those, but really not much else.

That's why a garden is a big deal to me. My kids and the Hubs though, THEY eat veggies, but not nearly as much as they should or would if veggies were appealing to me and therefore a priority to make for every meal.

And as much as I am attracted to the idea of a garden, the work of it, especially since I don't enjoy the fruits of the labor a garden takes, just kept it from being a priority.


My friends introduced me to the Square Foot Garden idea. Now this is a garden even I can do! Of course, anything healthy seems to be ridiculously expensive to get started with-if you want to rely less on "the grid" you better be independently wealthy-but I like the look and the ease of this type of garden. We started small, with just two beds, but we are already are in the cusp of being able to harvest things-in fact the Hubs had a leaf of Romaine on his sandwich today.

SO here's what we are growing:

This box has 8 heads of romaine-we will eat the outer leaves off until we have to harvest the whole head, marigolds in all four corners to repel pests, broccoli in the middle four boxes, 16 onions (well, 13 are actually growing I think), 1 okra, 32 carrots, 2 basil, and 1 catnip.

This box has 3 marigolds, 8 sunflowers (for seeds-those are the HUGE plants in the picture), 4 tomatoes, 5 sweet peppers, and 16 peas.

Then as a bonus, I got came form my worm compost bin. I had noticed something growing int here, and when I dug it out, it was POTATOES, so now we have a box just for them:

And then there are my strawberries and blueberries. They need a permanent home, but I have to wait until the fence is in. We've been eating strawberries from our plants, and there are baby blueberries starting. YUM!

Again, my handy man Hubs built my boxes and the pest deterrents around them. He's so helpful to have around!
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Melissa said...

Beautiful! We ate our first lettuce last night.

Anonymous said...

The garden looks great!