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Thursday, April 15, 2010

A whole new generation

VW just couldn't leave it alone. They had to start airing commercials so that a whole new generation would embrace the "punch bug" phenomenon. And that includes my children, ho gleefully adopt any excuse for the sanctioned pummelling of a sibling.
Scott sits in the front seat though, so his pummelling has one target-me.
He was explaining to a friend yesterday how he like to hit my arm every time he sees a "punch bug", but that my arm "jiggles" when he hits it. I told him he better careful, and that some day he would have a wife, and it would not score him any points to make that observation about her. He said, "I'm planning on marrying a skinny wife". Oh, well THAT solves the "jiggly arm" problem, LOL. He also followed that up by saying he was planning on not getting fat like his daddy-so it was an equal opportunity parental bashing.
I am of course sharing this with the world so that some day, we can look back and his FAT wife and I will have a good laugh at her even FATTER husband, because I'm classy like that ;-).
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Tiffany said...

Our kids have started the punch buggy thing and Ollie outlawed it. He said it was unnecessary violence. Maybe you can try outlawing it or just being more observant and do some "punching" yourself! :0)

Melissa said...

We are totally into the Juicy Fruit thing that Mad learned from your family. I lose regularly as it's all I can do just to find my way anywhere without also looking for yellow vehicles.