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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Or maybe I'm just old...

I've been having this shoulder problem that extends into my neck and my arm and down my back...limits range of motion...and causes pain akin to being stabbed when its acute or just an irritating burning sensation when the nerves are inflamed.

I'm a fix it now type gal. I've popped out four kids naturally, so when I'm screaming for pain meds/death/therapeutic massage, things are bad.

All that to say I finally cried "uncle" and begged my editor, who is also a massage therapist, to massage the area.

But she said no.

She said I needed to ice it. Bringing blood into an area already inflamed is BAD. Ice is good.

I'm a fix it now type of person, but I HATE to sit and ice things...especially when it's half my body needing ice. But I did it, because I was desparate.

She was right. The ice worked.

I HATE that. I wanted the relaxing massage and not a cool date with frozen peas, but the ice worked.

Until today.

I have NO idea what happened. I slept okay, and not wonky. I woke up with my neck and shoulder doing pretty well, although my arm felt a little "heavy". But by this afternoon the pain was back to excruciating, and I can't life my arm all the way, and I can't turn my head to the right.

So I wracked my brain for the catalyst, and I think I found it.

I sneezed.


I'm. getting. OLD. Sneezing is now the cause o f bodily harm , and given that it's allergy season, I may be down for the count for a while. And here I thought it was bad that I now understand June what'- her-face's reliance on Depends while sneezing. Apparently I can leak from one end while I injure the other at the same time.

Here's hoping the rapture comes sooner rather than later. Pretty soon, I'm going to resemble Quasimodo in a diaper, LOL.
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Melissa said...

Hahahahahahaha! Yes, I'm laughing at your expense - not the pain, that is not funny - but your writing is!

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it, but it could be any number of things causing your pain and none of them good...and I know b/c I was in your shoes not long ago...If you want the info. regarding Drew Medical if a MRI is needed, let me know...but a diagnosis probably would be a helpful start...and then you could know what next to do after the ice...I had the shooting pain and the burning sensation that worsened over time as well.