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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Random Ramblings

My cat is a horn dog...if that's possible. She's in heat AGAIN. I think she is in heat every two's exhausting. Tonight, someone left the back door open, and I came into the kitchen and sure enough! horndog and her kitten were both outside and the horndog was, ahem, having relations with one of our male "stray turned outdoor pet" cats. NICE! Kittens in three months anyone?

You know how you have totally unimportant things on your to-do list? Well I got one of them done tonight. I painted my toe nails. It's been so unseasonably cold that my toes haven't seen the light of day in a while, and so I just never repainted them...but they had grown out enough that there was no longer polish on any of them but the top quarter inch of my big toes...definitely time to apply some purdy polish, LOL.

My kids have eaten their body weight in sugar today.

Semi-illegal chicks should arrive in about two weeks, and so far we have no fence, no coop, no heat lamp, no feed, no plan of any sort...

Actually the fence people came out to give us an estimate on Friday. Or at least that's what I THOUGHT they were coming to do. The guy who came out had gotten into some poison oak at the house he went to on Thursday, and so he took measurements and headed off to the doctor with one scary looking arm...he promised to get us the estimate by Saturday. He didn't. I'm a bit perturbed, but I keep reminding myself I should practice empathy and PRAY for the poor guy.

Five people at church today shared how they know that Jesus is alive, and they all had GREAT stories. I need to hear things like that from time to time. Not that I don't know Jesus is real, or alive, but that I am very guilty of getting caught up in my own little world, and their stories remind you of all the things other people are going through that you may never know about. And seeing God work in the lives of others is a beautiful testimony.

Don't you just love the squeaking noises newborns make? One of the sharers today just had that they had with them, and one that is still in the hospital. They were sitting behind me, and, oh, that little squeaking that babies make, it's just soooo cute.

My daughter told her Aunt today that she is going to be playing soccer. Her Aunt replied, "So is B. And he's starting gymnastics, and he just started swimming." How wretched am I that that cuts me to the quick? I know B has some special needs and they are just trying to find the right outlets for him, but to say that to my 10 year just sounds like, "That's nothing dear, money grows on trees on our backyard, and so your cousin is doing soccer and SO much more." There you go...just keeping it real and letting you know how shallow I am.

Nana and PopPop got all the kids Easter baskets. They had fun little gifts inside, but the three youngest kids (Sari, B and Bam Bam) all got Dora/Diego themed whistles that are also meant to be bubble blowers. They only work half way. Any guesses as to which part works? It's NOT the quiet bubble part. The person who thought that would be a good idea should be shot...or have to spend the afternoon with 3 four/five year olds with great lungs and huge determination that if they just blow hard enough they will get to see a bubble eventually.

On Friday, I purged some stuff that my mom had saved for me. She had every record back to my KINDERGARTEN report cards. I'm NOT kidding. They were an intersting read. Apparently, I've always been the person I am, and always had the same flaws. Funny to watch teacher after teacher say, "She's a wonderful student, a joy to have in class, if only..." There were slight variations on the theme, but in general, the "if only" related to my lack of desire to complete work on time and apply myself up to my potential. I still struggle with the same issues...especially the completing work on time thing...but oddly enough, I've managed to become a healthy member of society in spite of that. As and interesting aside, I found out my IQ was higher than I thought it was, and I was struck by how LITTLE it matters at all. How I test on some human scale, whether it's IQ or report card or SAT is no assessment of who I am as God created my to be. I am definitely flawed, but I'm a work in progress. I was when I was 5, and I will be at 105. It goes back to that PBPGINFWMY thing...God's not done with me. And somehow, I think that even when He is, and I am perfected in my glorified body, I still wouldn't meet the world's standards of a life lived up to it's "potential". And I'm more than okay with that.

There are never enough hours in the day. SOOOO much to do, and probably plenty of time to do what matters, but I chose to do the frivolous instead. I really have to overhaul some things in my life and how I spend my minutes is one of the biggies I have to address.

Speaking of, there are a million other uses for my time, so I'll sign off. Happy Easter y'all. The LORD is risen!
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Melissa said...

Thanks for the update. Are you going to leave your kids with me for a day this week?