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Sunday, October 10, 2010

I'm fat...

There. I said it. In public. I'm fat. I did SO well 2 1/2 years ago when I did a modified "Weigh-Down" thing and lost about 20 lbs. And I kept it off. For a LONG time. But then suddenly in the last year, without me changing anything (expect getting older, LOL), I put it all back on. ARGH! It's terribly frustrating.
So now, it's bothering me. My auto-immune stuff is all flaring right now, and I hurt all over. And I KNOW that it's not all weight related, but I also know it wouldn't hurt to weigh a little less.
So a friend from church has been doing this "couch to 5K" thing. She downloaded an app onto her iPhone, and it tells you what to do and how long to do it for. And it sounded so easy, even a caveman could do it ;-). So I, who have NEVER, EVER run in my whole life unless something was chasing me, decided to give it a try.
So step one, spend a RIDICULOUS amount of time online trying to a) find the app she downloaded-there is more than one, b) install said app onto my phone, and c) load music into said app to listen to on my adventure.
After I paid for the app, I could NOT get it to download. I tried and tried. For about 30 minutes. And while it was work-I'm certain that did not count as a workout. While it was trying (unsuccessfully) to download it, I decided to check out what music I had on my phone. Ummm. That would be none. And no chance of remedying that any time soon since that is WAY beyond my pay-grade when it comes to technology.
About this time, I'm figuring God might be trying to tell me something....
So I give up on downloading this file which I have already paid for because I can't get it download no matter what I try. And the light is fading by the millisecond, so I'm about out of time...
SO I head out to do this thing on my own. I mean, It's 90 seconds of walking, followed by 60 seconds of jogging. Rinse and repeat. My phone has a timer, I can make it work even if it's a bit crude.
The 90 seconds of walking went brilliantly.
The 60 second of jogging? Not so good.
Let's just suffice it to say 60 seconds is an eternity to someone who doesn't run. EVER. So I jogged. And the first 10 seconds were great. The next 30 I survived. The follow 7b were torture, and that's where it ended. 47 seconds? Seriously??? You'll apparently find my picture in the encyclopedia under "sloth".
And then walk 90 seconds? I barely could breath after 90 seconds. Oh, I walked it, but I kept walking too. So I basically settled into 2 minutes of walking, followed by jogging until I died, followed by 2 minutes of walking again. I actually made it to 60 seconds of running by the 3rd and 4th interval. But I had spasms in the outer calf muscle in both legs that were so bad I wanted to die by the time I got home...
So I learned some lessons.
First and foremost, be sure to take my heart medicine at least an hour before so it's in full effect before I attempt anything fasted than breathing ;-).
Second, someone who has had asthma and pneumonia and has lungs full of scar tissue probably should adjust her expectations a wee bit about what is do-able on the onset.
Third, apparently God was trying to tell me something...I'm not even ready for couch to 5K. I have the couch part down-pat, but the 5K part...or anything more than NOT realistically going to happen on even the ease-into-it couch to 5K schedule.
But I'm not giving up. Not yet. We'll take baby steps and see what the future holds.

Lord, I'm so blessed. I have two legs that move under my own power. I have lungs that work, even if not optimally. I have food when I'm hungry...and perhaps too much of a sweet tooth...and You have always, always provided for our needs. I'm grateful for Your provision more than I could ever say. And I pray for Your strength to get my lazy self off the couch and doing something, anything, physical and active.
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Mrs. Taffy said...

Oh My word I can so relate! lol I know so many people who have lost weight just through what they eat, without exercising...I haven't been able to figure that one out yet! The problem with me and running or jumping...bladder control! How embarassing! :o)

Heidi said...

First of all, I've seen you and you are NOT fat, my friend!
Second of all, I'm right there with you - I had lost weight about 2 1/2 years ago and kept it off for a nice long time. Then, Sue got sick, I started stress-eating, and the weight came back on. And I basically HATE myself right about now. Wish we lived closer and could walk together or something. I so need some accountability.

Kris said...

I'll show you the app I used.

The jogging part... I started off jogging so slowly that I was jogging but the dog was walking. So for the jogging part: Slow. way. down. If you can't finish the 60 seconds...slow. down. more.

The first 2 weeks were the worst (The day I started it was literally 96 degrees outside! I was dying and the earth was self combusting) but then it gets better. I still hate the beginning of every run but it gets better. And the sense of accomplishment: awesome.

You can do this. I had to decide I'd do it at my pace, not the pace of all the runners I saw scurrying through the neighborhood. My pace.

Try to do this at your pace. Yours.

Tiffany said...

I am feeling the same way you are but I know that I can't do the running thing--so I joined the gym! My first session with a trainer is tonight at 5. I'm scared.

Melissa said...

WELL DONE! KEEP GOING! I've added a little jog to my morning walks. It's such torture, but gets better - and sometimes I even look forward to it.

Briana said...

I was trying this last summer and it did get easier! I second the jogging slowly. My son was walking next to me and he said "wow, you are going so fast!", he is 8. Be proud of yourself and what you were able to do!

Julie said...

Good for you!

This is good for you even if it's hard!!