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Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Sunday Evening Post

Maybe that's what I should title my "random" blog posts since they most often happen on Sunday evenings :-).

I was talking to Presley about our chickens and dissed my slacker chicken (the Easter Egger who was not laying STILL). The last time I dissed the girls to Presley, it was because none of them were laying and right away, we got our first egg. Well, the next day after mentioning my slacker chicken to her we got our first green egg. All four are laying now. Yay!

TJ has been playing soccer in a local town. His games are Friday nights, which I LOVE because it leaves the week-ends open. He played goalie for half the game this week, and I have to say he ROCKED. Goalie is not what I would consider his strongest suit, but he did great. They were playing an all girls team of VERY aggressive players, and he had to stop I would guess at least 10 attempts at the goal. It was a funny juxtaposition that they girls team they played was so good, because two of the girls on TJ's team can barely kick the ball without tripping over it or falling down (I'm being TOTALLY honest). Amazingly, both THOSE girls scored Friday, so it was a night of great rejoicing.

School has been going fairly well, but our days are still full and long. Three weeks ago we added in another science at a friend's house, so now Scott does Astronomy and Anatomy, and the three others do Botany and Anatomy. Well, Sari really pesters the other two while they do Botany, but that's a whole 'nuther subject.

The first week the kids studied cells, and their hands-on project was to make cells out of jello using common candy as the parts of the cell. It was yummy fun.

Last weekend we went to a local folk festival (the hubs was on the committee-he did some of their website work).
Tj relished the chance to play the hammered dulcimer since Em won't let him touch hers. She and I went and listened to a local dulcimer club play for about an hour, and she is inspired to really being learning how to play...but we need a tuner first and we don't have a spare $25 right now. So we wait...and/or play out of key...

We went Monday to Disney with friends. We hadn't ever gone there with them before and the kids all did really well. Those kids had not ever been to the Studios, and the mom not for 20 years, so it was fun to see the park through new eyes. S., the mom, found this shirt and suggested it might be perfect for my eldest...I whole-heartedly agree.

All the kids enjoyed trying on every hat they came across. Here's TJ as Kermit.

In Precept, they are putting together a veggie tales themed comic book. Scott, always wanting to find a way to do anything he's NOT supposed to be doing, and happy to try to justify it under the guise of school, got out the playdough and started making veggie tale characters. His 3-D Bob was better, but I didn't get a picture of that.

Here's TJ's asparagus guy.

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