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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weeks 2-4 Continued...

Here are some more pictures from the last few weeks.
We read a story about the star in the middle of an apple, and then cut some in half and used them to make stamps for paint.

Sari is studying a letter a week. This is some of her work from "A". It came from HERE. It is so amazing how many free resources there are on the web, and I thank EVERYONE out there who makes their materials available to other homeschoolers!

Buttons from our "B" week.

A book based on "We're Going on a Bear Hunt". She got to paint the mud...

Cut construction paper grass...

Watercolor the river...

Hole punch some "snowflakes"...(hard to see on white paper, I know)

At Disney, you can learn to draw a different character every day. This day was Piglet. Scott could not get his to a level he was happy with, so he kept retrying :-).

Sari did this all on her own!

Mine :-)

Mimi's (TJ was so unhappy with his, he threw it away...that's why I don't have a picture to show you for his.)

Scott's Apologia Astronomy work- I love how Lapbooks reinforce the learning!

This was meant to be an "ad" for Earth, but Scott was a little over everything school related, so he figured selling the Earth off was a better idea, LOL.

Scott's cursive with Peterson's Directed Handwriting.

Learning how to figure out the area of an irregular shape-Scott's Right Start math.
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DebiH. said...

Sari might get some repeats at storytime this week. We are doing an apple theme too.

Tiffany said...

Wow--you are doing a lot! Sari's stuff looks fun...can I go back and do kindergarten again?
Scott's earth ad is hilarious!

Melissa said...

Just catching up with you.....ditto to what Tiff said. You are doing a lot! Good for you!