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Monday, October 25, 2010

The Sunday Evening Post...a day or two late

I started week 2 of the Couch to 5K. It took me 2 weeks of week one to even think of trying it, and I was really thinking I might need 3 weeks of week one, but I gave week 2 a try tonight. I did it. THE WHOLE THING. I never once petered out before the 90 seconds (of jogging) was over. Somehow though I think I'll be spending 2 weeks on week two also :-).

How is it that another week-end passed without us even remotely getting done what we had set out to accomplish. How does that happen? What does time seem to speed up on the week-end, not slow down. Even without Scott having sailing, Saturday was full with Mimi having T&T baking, a trip to the grocery store for me, and then an impromptu trip to Tampa to take Mimi to see one of her best friends..RM. I love the opportunity for those girls to get together. And selfishly, I got a haircut by RM's mother and she even colored my hair with the color I had bought earlier that day. She stayed the night there and they brought her back Sunday afternoon. RM's "Gram" lives in a local town that had a Craft Festival going on, so I went down there since Mimi wasn't actually "done" at RM's Gram's-they were having a birthday party for her and had not yet gotten to cake or some of the other activities. After the party ended, I had a photo shoot with some of our dear friends and took some pictures of 3 of my kids to boot.

Last Monday we went to Disney with friends...

Not a bad picture of Aunt Fanny

Sari claimed her God Mother as ride partner all day

While we were at Disney, a piece of my crown fell out...the same crown that has given me years of trouble. So on Wednesday, I went to one dentist, my new one, to get a filling fixed that was still causing me some sensitivity issues, and today, I went to my dentist of many years and got the crown replaced. Both (thank GOD) were gratis since both were not issues of my doing, but my mouth is really sore tonight. My new crown looks really nice though.

This Monday, since our public schools were out, I declared a "teacher planning day" too and we did minimal school work and a lot of chore catch up and then all four kids spent the afternoon playing with friends. Actually, Sari spent all day playing with the girl (Z) who lives behind us. They did really well playing together, especially for as many hours as they were together. Their first project? Rake and sweep leaves!

Later, Z and her mom did a bit of face painting. Sari enjoyed her stint as a tiger!

See, we really do get fall here in FL...even if it only comes in leaves falling off trees and not in fall like temps.

Speaking of that, we had had a near record dry spell, and my garden showed it. We went something like 24 days without rain, but it finally rained a nice rain last night-right as I ended my run ;-). My garden and my yard are much happier now!
Lastly, my kids are LOVING having a new Aunt. They get mail on their birthdays, and today they even all got Halloween cards. They were beside themselves ecstatic. They love to get mail. Thanks Aunt S...where have you been all their lives?
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Heidi said...

Great post. Lots to catch up on! I should do that couch to 5K thing you're doing but I could NEVER run.

Julie said...

I had been meaning to ask about your crown and kept forgetting. Good thing for blogs!

DebiH. said...

I heard all about your new crown from a cute little 5 year old. :)
I need to send you a link to a blog post I read yesterday about how much the Couch25K thing is like labor. It was very funny to read, and would be much more appreciated by someone actually trying to do the 5K thing.

Tiffany said...

I love your long blog posts!