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Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's been a day!

Wake up, Scott to sailing by 8, do a little laundry, cut TJ's hair, TJ's soccer pictures at 11 (done by some company charging $20 a picture, so you KNOW I took my own),

TJ's team- the Rays

TJ-he's loving this soccer

followed by Goodwill for Mimi's halloween outfit (we wouldn't want to plan tooooo far ahead, LOL), then home for my mom to get Mimi between 1 and 2, wash some dishes...then a collossel nap ;-)
Because of said nap, this afternoon slipped away without me making it to the grocery store to get the things I needed for dinner (philly cheesesteak sandwiches are always better on bread, LOL)...I'm sure that never happens to anyone else. So since I needed to make arrangements for Scott's return home (he had a sailing regatta all day with some evening activities too that had no definite end time), and since I wanted to check out a local church's "fall festival" activities (not impressive) before deciding if we should take the littles there. (Mimi is at my mom's for the night for her birthday treat). So the hubs said to grab a $5 foot long from Subway for dinner for the 4 of us.

So I did just that...went to Subway, picked out a sub, had them make it, paid...and walked out to find my van COMPLETED blocked in. I did not have my phone, or I would have taken a picture. How does that happen in a half empty parking lot in a time span of 5 minutes???

And it was a small white car to boot, not even some big honkin' SUV. I should explain I had pulled into a spot with a huge concrete light poll in front of it, so going forward at all wasn't an option. And the white car had come up the aisle the wrong way and looped around my van so they were in the parking space at the wrong angle and totally overlapping my bumper by a good foot and a half...with about 2 inches between my bumper and the side of their there was no escape.

So I went back in Subway and asked the people who had come in after me if they had a small white car. Nope. What about the leather goods for bikers store next door? Nope...but I did run into someone we used to go to church with. Off to the instant lottery/internet gambling store next door (what kind of town do I live in, anyway?). Nope, none of their partrons, most of whom they know by name, had just entered or drive a white car. But the manager did come out to sympathize and gauk, Hungry Howeys? Not a patron in back to the drawing board.

Plan B? The police, 'cause I really didn't want to have to go in the tattoo parlor, Big Lots, the produce store, Dollar General, Friendly's, and Arbys...oh, and the Sunshine Opry... to ask every single woman (there was a big, wide open purple purse on the passenger seat) if they drive a white car.

So I borrowed a cell phone from the lady we used to go to church with (whose name I COULD NOT remember) and called the police. In the few minutes it took for the lady office to arrive, more gaukers had shown up with some seriously unkind things to say about the driver of the little white car...It goes in the books for a "bad parking job" trust me. Anyway, I didn't have unkind things to say, but I also was a little concerned that the car might have been stolen and dumped there, given the purse on the seat, and I was concerned I could wait all night for a driver who never appeared.

So the police officer, after gauking abit herself and commenting that it would take quite a good driver to get back out of that spot without hitting my car, proceeded to pick up where I left off going door to door in the stores.

She found the driver in Hungry Howeys...
not a customer...
not a delivery person (that would have made my life a lot easier with the dead give away delivery sign on the roof)...
just a upper-teenage girl who works there and came to work 20 minutes late, parked her car, and ran out the driver's side (where there was a grassy curb) without ever looking back to see that she wasn't even fully in the space, let alone blocking someone else in. She was really apologetic, thanks to the police officer's guidance, no harm came to my vehicle.

I got home, the hubs and I had a good laugh, and we ate and took the littles to a local park for a bit of fun. TJ managed to wiggle a tooth out between soccer pictures this morning and the park tonight, so he's a bit more snaggle-toothed.

Why do boys always assume things are better 12 feet off the ground?
I should have Sari ask Aunt Fanny about the dangers of doing this...

She thinks she's "all that" now that she can pump the swing on her own.

Mr Snaggle Tooth

TJ and his daddy

Then we came home, and I took off to Alberton's for some shopping (paid $80, saved $64, and only used one coupon). I got "The Joneses" from the Red Box for the hubs and I to watch and we had ourselves a "date night"...except my computer has been in my lap the whole time typing this. And now it's off to bed..we've got church in the morning and a busy day and night ahead of us.
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Melissa said...

Love that pic of Sari with the flying hair. Great "blocked in car" story.

Julie said...

Just heard the car story in real life, but cane here to read it again!

Tiffany said...

Tell Sari that if she's not careful with all that spinning she might end up puking in the mayor's front yard.