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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Random Updates

I have SO much I haven't blogged, but most of it is just our daily minutia...

Here's some catch-up stuff, in order of importance...kind of...or maybe in order of my limited remembrance...

Sari read her first sentence today!!! I'm such a sap...I had her call her daddy and Miss J to tell them both, and tears leaked from my eyes the whole time.

Scott finally finished his math book. He's EONS behind. EONS. So finishing one and moving on to the next is a huge deal. If we are diligent, he can move through the things he needs to cover in the new book in 14 lessons, and we started the first today. That means I have to order the next level really soon!

I've been getting Scott up at o' dark hundred to do his schoolwork before everyone else is up. It's not trying to wake a sleeping lion. And then I have to sit over him to keep him on task (or his daddy does if I am particularly close to losing it by 6:30 AM). I have lost my quiet time, and I have to find a better solution, but for now this is kind of working.

School is still taking us FOREVER every day. With four kids, and all needing individual instruction, we are working from before sunrise (with Scott) until around 5 every day. This week we did Saturday school too. I know it is all about seasons in life, and I am abiding in this one, but it's not easy...especially for a person who values sleep, and lots of it.

I went dumpster diving at 7 this morning for large cardboard boxes for our science class. I now have four "life size" cardboard kids in my living room. Yippie!

We went with Marie's family to Hidden Waters Nature Preserve today. It was a spur of the moment thing, and we haven't been there in a LONG time. The last time the two of us went together, her son got stuck in quicksand as a terrible lightning storm approached. It was AWFUL. She got him out but his shoe was gone. We all high-tailed it out of there with rain falling so hard it HURT and lightning flashing everywhere with us as the tallest thing around once we broke the tree line. It was scary. Well today, we found J's shoe...the one he lost over a year ago. Crazy, isn't it? We also saw a very large owl today, which was really cool.

Here's a God story I haven't shared. I got a mailing about a month ago from our energy company saying, "Since you have this wire might want to protect your water heater too." Well, I didn't, and I was a little hot under the collar that I had this "wire" service too, and when I called to check on it, it turns out that we had had it since 2004. Well, before I made a rash decision to cancel it, I asked what exactly it covered...
It turns out it covers any electrical problems you have in your house...up to $500 a year in work. And we had had electrical problems that left us with half the house in the dark. And this service would cover fixing up to $500 of the problem. That $500 was about 10 hours of labor, and that was enough to fix 5 outlets and rewire the downstairs lights and the washing machine on to their own circuits. We still have plenty that is not done (almost none of our wiring is "up to code"), but that was such a blessing to be able to get even that much covered. I can plug in a light in my bedroom again, and there are no extension cords running from room to room. PRAISE GOD!!!

Okay, that's it. It's midnight, and I need to get to bed since 6AM comes awful early.

God, thank you for the small things. For little successes that encourage me in days of despair. For forgotten service plans that you use to meet our needs. For friends who will do things with no advanced planning just because it's a beautiful day. Help me to be just as quick to praise you in the difficulties and storms of life too. Amen
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DebiH. said...

Great news about the wiring! I spent about an hour yesterday morning thinking that I would go to Hidden Waters but didn't want to go by ourselves. :(
I should have asked if anyone was going. I can't believe you found the shoe!

Cindy said...

I remember when he lost his shoe and how scary that all was! I can't believe you found the shoe-that's pretty amazing1