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Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Great Bedroom Swap

We have been plotting The Great Bedroom Swap for years now.  We live in an older home (think 1883) surrounded by much newer homes (think 2002).  When you compare home values, they pull comps based on the house's age, but when people LOOK at houses, they want them all to have the modern amenities they have grown accustomed to whether the house in question would have had those things at the time or not.  And the reality is, a house built in 1883 did NOT have much :-).  Now, to be fair, our house was added on to in the 50's, but even then, things were not well thought out from a "form" perspective...just a function one-the build out allowed for our county's first bomb shelter to be built (yeah, I know you're jealous,-LOL).  What it did NOT allow for was a master bathroom, or even a master bedroom at all, and modern homeowners look for those things.
Soooo, we realized that if we swapped bedrooms with our girls, we could (someday when the money tree starts bearing fruit ;-) ) knock through the linen closet and into one of the two hall bathrooms to make a master bath off the room that was the girls'.  Yes, we have two hall bathrooms across from each other-one has a toilet and sink...and the other has a shower and sink...I know, you grow more jealous by the minute ;-p

I don't have any "before pictures" because I was too mortified by the mess too busy working on getting the rooms packed up to take any.  But here are some "after" pictures.  For you local friends, you will notice the bed plans changed in the girls' room-we removed the loft bed from Scott's room, which was brown so it matched the new colors in the girls' room.  And he wasn't ever sleeping in it anyway.  Then we brought up the queen sized bed we had in the basement and put it under the loft.  It works very well!

Here are the two wall colors.  Mimi likes the fact that at the corners, it looks like Neapolitan ice cream.

Yes, there is still a mess since we are still trying to determine the best "home" for everything.

Our new bedroom-the walls in here had been sky blue, and the ceiling was midnight blue, so it's a major change.

And below is the mess throughout the rest of the house that the Great Bedroom Swap has caused.  It is making me CRAZY, but it can't be totally resolved because we are also working on making the 1200 sq ft basement into usable space for the school stuff this year.  If all goes well, we will be schooling down there in the fall.

To be fair, I've done some work since I took these, and that bed frame in the top picture is now set up in Scott's room in the bottom picture, which obviously means most of that stuff you see above has been moved.  The hope chest went to the living room as a coffee table, the green dresser will go downstairs, and the bins will go downstairs too.
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April said...

I really like the girls' room. Sweet pink and brown together. One of my girls has asked for that combo, but I DON'T PAINT. :)
I feel your pain on the great home rearrange; you'll get it put back together. And if it helps any, our home was designed by us and built in 2005, but we STILL don't have a room just for school or "homes" for everything. It keeps changing.
Enjoy the opportunity to rid yourself of pesky "stuff", right?
It will get better!

Mrs. Taffy said...

I love projects like that! Love your red walls too! My kitchen has red walls and I LOVE it! We will be doing a big swap eventually too as we turn our third bay garage into a workout room and an office (two separate spaces) then the current office will become a bedroom for one of our daughters. Our house was built 15 years ago and we don't have a master bathroom either...go figure. We'll have to build over the garage to make that happen, which it could someday. Adding on is better than moving in my opinion. :o)

oneblessedmamma said...

I've finally made peace with the fact that we are in this house for the long haul...and it was ridiculous to have 1200 sq ft of usable space that we weren't using-except for storage, but it's a LOT of work to get it ready!
April- I feel like our "homes" for stuff change every few years, but we are getting closer to things either having a home or leaving OUR home.
Mrs.Taffy-I'm loving the red walls too! We had white walls for 10 years, and I'm thrilled to have a rich color now.