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Friday, July 15, 2011

Vacation Day Eleven

My super sister in law is WAYYYYY too energetic, LOL.  She invited the girls and I to go to Zumba with her on Saturday morning.  Not wanting to look like a wuss the couch potato that I am, I said "yes", and so did both girls.  Let me just say Zumba kicked my BUTT!  It was fast paced the whole way through, unlike Jazzercise which builds in a slow song every once in a while so you don't DIE.  For the benefit of all who surf the world wide web, there are no pictures of me doing Zumba ;-).  My girls did a pretty good job, although Sari quit about 3/4 of the way through.

After Zumba, we returned home for a rousing round of "conquer Mt. Washmore", and more Just Dance 2 for the kiddos. 

Until it was time to head out for the evening...

Did I mention that my SIL is crazy energetic?  Well, she clogs.  Really clogs.  Like Competitively.  And her clogging group was putting on a performance for another town's 4th of July festivities.  Satuurday night.  After the Zumba class that had kicked my butt.  But she still had PLENTY of energy left!

Sari and Uncle Craig smile for the camera

Sari joined the fun for A Tooty Ta
So there's this 80-something year old man (87 I think) who clogs with them, so to capitalize on that, their show routine was to a song about "younger men starting to catch my eye" so they all had to dress like old folks.  That's my SIL on the right ;-).

Here their older gentleman breaks it down during the Cha-Cha Slide (Mimi joined them for that one too).

Here's a funny story:  The performance was in KENTUCKY- the state I had to drive to the next day!  And since my car was the only one that would hold us all, I drove to Kentucky that night too.  Since we didn't know where we were going, Sheila programed her Tom Tom to get us there.  It did fine until we got into Kentucky.  Then it told me to "turn right in 500 feet" or something like that.  The catch was we were on a divided road going up a hill with 2 lanes on the up side and one on the down to allow trucks to be in the slow lane...well, I couldn't see a road on the right before the top of the hill, so I stayed in the left lane figuring the lanes would merge before the turn...and promptly missed it!  It was a GRAVEL road!  I said, "Ummmm, there must be another way to this town" and sure enough Tom Tom was busy recalculating.  Before long, it said "turn right 500 feet" again, and I was ready this time...

Only to have it tell me to turn on another GRAVEL road. 


I know it's Kentucky, but still...

But I'm a direction follower, so we turned...onto a gravel road...a ONE LANE gravel road...with mobile homes...and wild dogs that chase cars...and a stream on one side of the road...and a culvert on the other....and did I mention it was ONE lane? 

Yes, every voice in my head was screaming this was NOT right, but Tom Tom was insistent.  Until the road ended at someone's driveway.  THEN we turned around, and Tom Tom pointed us to the other side of a fork in the road that we had apparently chosen poorly at...

only to have that "road" completely end...

as in turn to grass...

a minute later. 

SOOOOO, we turned around again (not easy in a mini-van on a one lane road-think 5 point turn) and headed back to the main, and very much PAVED road.  We decided that no matter what Tom Tom said, there had to be another way to get there.

Know what the next exit was? 

A paved road straight into the heart of "downtown".

I won't be buying a Tom Tom any time soon.  Just Sayin'.
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