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Friday, July 29, 2011

Our Recent Audio Books

Funny that my friend Marie just posted about what her family has been reading (and listening to), but I had already been planning on listing these, so I will, even if I look like a copy-cat :-).

On our trip we began with The Boy of Mt Rhigi, which is a Lamplight Audio Drama...but because we drove through the night, I slept through parts of it and the kids slept through all of it, and so we need to listen to it again.

Next up was The Mysterious Benedict Society, which was really good, and my kids really liked it, but it is not very fast paced, and the reader's voice is mellow enough that it wasn't the best choice for combating road fatigue when you are driving across the county. 

Then we listened to Esperanza Rising, which was fantastic.  I'd totally recommend it to everyone.  What a great and interesting glimpse into migrant work camps all wrapped up in a very enjoyable fiction story. 

While we were listening to that, Mimi and Sari listened to The Sherlock Files- The 100 year old secret.  The boys have listened to it since we got home.  They all said it was really good, but I still need to listen.  It's about some kids who discover they are related to Sherlock Holmes and are drawn into solving a mystery from 100 years ago.

We also listened to Bread and Roses Too, which was about factory workers and their horrid conditions, and the different factions that worked in factories and what happens with a strike.  It was very interesting and enjoyable, if not quite as masterfully written as Esperanza Rising.

We also took some Magic Tree House books (17-24) with us on CD and those filled in nicely when we had lulls.

The last book was the third in a series that we have read; The Penderwicks at Point Mouette.  We love the Penderwicks :-).  I must say, the preoccupation of one character with love was a little bit of a detractor, but otherwise, the story was great and the kids thoroughly enjoyed it.

So there you have it...books to cross the country on :-)
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Sheila Jo said...

Gotta admit, the Sherlock Holmes story was an enjoyable listen during the New York to Ohio drive!

Julie said...

I wish everyone would be a copy cat:)! I love hearing what people are reading and listening to. I just finished all three Penderwick books...loved them!!