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Friday, July 1, 2011

Vacation Day Two

Oiy!  Why is it so hard to get my blog updated???

Okay, for day two, we decided (after waking at almost 9AM-guess we were tired from that driving all night thing) to actually do the Gettysburg Visitors Center stuff.  That was money well spent.  And very helpful after doing the driving tour the day before.  You start with a movie about the events leading up to the Civil War and Lee's press into northern territory as well as the Battle of Gettyburg. 

Then you go into this amazing gallery with a Cyclorama 360 degree painting of the battle. 

After that you tour the museum with all sorts of propaganda from the wartime as well as photos and uniforms, etc. 

Of course, there is nothing quite like hearing your names being announced over the facility wide loud speaker system-yep, we'd lost a kid.  Or actually, he'd lost us.  The museum is divided into little alcoves and rooms each themed to a certain part of the war.  TJ and all the others had wanted to progress a bit faster than the Hubs and I, and so when TJ got the end, he went out.  And realized he was alone.  Oops!  So being well versed in what to do if you get lost (we have after all had theme park tickets for years) he went to someone who worked there, they paged us, and we looked like the bad parents that we probably are, LOL.  Actually, I was walking Sari out to the potty right as they paged us and purposefully seeking out all the kids and had some up short by one TJ just about the time they paged us.  So we were all reunited at the information desk, and that proved timely because we really needed to head out anyway, so away we went. 

Next destination?

We were meant to meet up with Heidi and her family at Hershey World, but her kids had last minute Dr. appts. so we decided to meet them further up the road toward their house (of course, it turned out we were soooo late that we could have met them at Hershey).  We did the 3 minute free tour and spent the next hour with kiddlings running through the uber-large gift shop/food court/bakery/chocolate lovers dream looking for ways to spend their souvenir money (hence the pink bear Sari is holding in the picture above). 

After that, we drove up the road to visit with Heidi and her kids at a local park.  I wish I had pictures, but I took not a one!  Her daughter took some though, so maybe she'll share a few with me (hint, hint).

Then, because it was SOOOO much later than we had planned, we joined the Hubs' parents in Corning for a night at a nice hotel, complements of Pop Pop!  That set us up for our first activity of Day Three...
(to be continued)
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