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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Vacation Day Four

Saturday morning began with a trip to the Windmill-our favorite flea market/farmers' market/Amish and Mennonite goods location on the planet.  I could spend hours and hours there!  We quickly bought some yummy Amish cinnamon rolls and whoopie pies, and scarfed them down just as fast.  Mimi bought a new ring to replace the one she got there last year which had grown a tad small.  Then we meandered the shops before having to head out again to meet up with cousin Carole and two of her sisters down at their cottage on Seneca Lake. 
They have such a beautiful spot, and there were cigarette boat races that morning so the kids got to watch that while we adults chatted for way too brief a time.

Then it was off to R.E.D.S. Hots for lunch (my Uncle's hot dog stand on Seneca Lake) and then Watkins Glen for a hike (and I do mean hike-it's over 800 steps to the top) through the gorge past waterfall after gorgeous waterfall.

Right before the above stroll, I had to remove a LEECH from Sari's toe that she picked up moments before while wading in the stream...luckily it hadn't bitten her yet.

Before heading back to my uncle's for our annual bonfire, I snuck in a little shopping and scored some Nothinz for $10 a pair aaaaannnndddd

It makes me very happy.  Eat your heart out Aunt Fanny!  I have been wanting a HUGE sweatshirt for quite a while now as my old Disney Marathon one has seen much better days.  And while I'm not as vocal about it as My Dear Aunt Fanny, I love tie dye.  I guess it goes back to the whole "I don't have a favorite color-I like colors next to other colors" thing, and tie dye is the epitome of bright color upon bright color.  And this size 3X sweatshirt is perfect in its huge-ness and colorfulness :-).

After my shopping expedition, I snagged a quick cookie cake for Scott's 14th b-day, and headed home to the bonfire.  It was a little cool, so I got the chance to wear my new hoodie, as you can see above.  My m-i-l managed to only comment twice in front of everyone that she "always knew I belonged in a commune"...although apparently she repeated the sentiment again at breakfast the next morning ;-).  But even that couldn't take away from the fun of the bonfire.

 Aunt Sheila hams it up singing Happy Birthday.

 The colors of the fire were gorgeous.

 Sari felt the need to adorn people's hair with flowers.  My cousins are such good sports!

My m-i-l and my Uncle's wife hit it off...

Sari had fun playing some soccer.
 And then just as much fun making and eating s'mores.
 Scott having a few quiet moments.  The orange thing he's sitting on is a mat my cousin borrowed from a's a byproduct of the making of those squishy ear plugs that you roll to insert in your ear and then they expand.  This is a mat of that stuff full of little hole where ear plugs were punched out of it.  In fact, Mimi found a pair that were punched out but never removed!  I want to get a mat like this- it's soooo comfortable.

After the bonfire, we played the kind of poker I hate-where as the deal rotates, the dealer gets to chose the game.  My B-i-l likes to play ridiculous poker games with multiple wilds that change each hand-it's way less about skill and totally about luck.  I HATE it...but I cleaned up ;-).  After that, my cousin Mary and I trounced them at Euchre.
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Melissa said...

Awesome sweatshirt! I'll join you at the commune.