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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vacation Day Ten

On Friday Mimi and I went shopping.  We were looking for a ton of books for our upcoming homeschool year (anyone out there have books from Sonlight D+E and Sonlight 100 that they'd let me borrow?  I'll pay the shipping!) and only came up with one.  But we checked out an interesting store called Guhl's that has all sorts of stuff-candy from halloween, closeout home decorating stuff, more fabric than JoAnn Fabrics could ever dream of...and rows and rows of romance novels.  Okay, there were other books too, but SERIOUSLY, there were a LOT of romance novels! 

I also went to the store to get stuff for our dinner plans and got new wiper blades for the van because the existing ones were well worn and caused the hubs much duress while driving up to NY.  The Schwans guy just happened to be in the parking lot of the auto parts store, so we also got some raspberry lemonade to make at Aunt Sheila's and Uncle Craig's (their raspberry lemonade is the BEST). 

In other words, Friday was a very low-key day. 

Sheila's brother had planned an evening dinner party, so my brother made "puppy chow" - a re-creation of a dish served at R.E.D.S.  We also made some brownies.  Sheila's parents had a large piece of land and subdivided it so that she and her brother (who will marry on 9/10/11) can live next door to their parents, so the party was only two doors down.  After dinner, there were several rounds of Corn Toss...also called Corn Hole (I swear).  Apparently, this game is a staple in this area of Ohio.  It's basically competitive bean bag toss.  It was funny to watch the kids especially.

Craig and Sheila

Sheila's mom and brother

Mimi the Lightning Bug Whisperer

Oh, and Sheila's mom makes the best Buck-eyes I've ever had...and she shared her recipe with me.  Anyone want to save me from myself and give me a reason to make some that won't also involve me eating ALL of them myself?
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Sonya said...

How about next Tuesday ish? We could work and eat?