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Friday, July 1, 2011

Vacation Day Three

What a busy day!  We began at Corning Glass Museum with Nana and Pop Pop.  I have always loved the museum, and it's free for kids, which makes it a great deal for us!  In addition to an ever changing collection of modern glass sculptures, there are lots of galleries full of glass from different times and places and they even have scavenger hunts for the kids to do.  Plus, the hot glass show is not to be missed.  Here are some pictures:

In mere minutes, this blob of molten glass became...

 This amazing bowl (with a fire in it-a demonstration of the fact that while the glass looks cool compared to the glowing orange color at the top, it is still hot enough to catch a piece of paper on fire).

 Above: a Dale Chihuly sculpture.  Below: one of the many paperweights which have always been a favorite of mine at the CMOG
 Below: A Tiffany window from a private residence

After CMOG, The Hubs went with his parents to do the winery thing, and the kids and I drove to my Uncle's with a pit stop in Watkins Glen to visit cousin Carole (my dad's cousin). 

We got to Penn Yan about 2, and Everett's graduation was at 7...but they had already called it as an indoor graduation because of looming bad weather.  Indeed, it did rain, so that was wise, but it meant that each grad could only have 6 people in the actual gym for graduation, and the rest of us had to watch it on blurry screens with bad audio in an auditorium cold enough to hang meat...but I digress.  It was still great to see him graduate although I fear the pictures in his graduation photo book will not be nearly as nice as his brother's.  I'm soooo proud of him!  What nice young men my cousins have become!!!

After graduation, it was back to the house for some conversation, sleep, and for the not-so-weary, a rousing game of poker...I chose the conversation and sleep options myself.  And I'm chosing that option again now, so I'll blog more tomorrow!
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