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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Day 14...a little late

See, the problem with not posting THAT DAY, is that by the next day, I can't remember what we did on THAT DAY. But in this case it's not too rained, and rained, and rained...the deluge (sorry, old Disney reference that I rarely get to use here in the Sunshine state). So we "did school". I always say that. "Kids, we're going to 'do school' in five minutes" or "Today we did school". It's funny, because I truly believe life is the best teacher there is. Kids can grow up to be perfectly well adjusted members of society (albeit with terrible higher math skills) without ever opening a book (besides the obvious-THE Book, the Bible). But saying we "did school" denotes that we actually sat and intentionally learned something "just living" wouldn't teach us. And is usually involves books and paperwork that two of my school aged children generally abhor. TJ, though? Bring it ON. That boy LOVES to do worksheets.
Anyway, back to yesterday. We studied Egypt some more, and I let the kids read through some of the new books we got from the library. We read the first half of A Place in the Sun. I seem to be able to do a curriculum or math and reading, but not both...maybe someday...or not ;-).
I have no pictures to share from yesterday, so here's one that has nothing to do with our day, LOL.
Mimi and Thumper...proving both the girls can hold a bunny and look cute.

Poor little Tiger...he got left out of yesterday's pictures :-(.
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