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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Day Eight

Today I actually did math with all THREE kids!!! But I must confess, since Scott decided to put together this complicated pirate ship he got at a neighbor's yard sale, I decided to let math and lego construction be the bulk of his school for the day.

I finally found the paints I bought Sari for her birthday (remind me to blog about that family trait someday...losing birthday's kind of a running joke). The masterpiece above is Sari's.

We moved the kittens and Callie in last night since the low was going to be 40. They are in TJ's room. I went in to check on them, and found THIS sight above! Yep, there's my almost 12 year old sleeping soundly snuggled up to Callie and the kittens. I did wake him and make him move so he wouldn't squash one of them in his sleep, but I took the picture first, LOL.
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