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Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Day Two

This is the bug that came to hang out on our screen today. If I were a good homeschooling mom, I would spend half my day on the internet trying to identify it. Usually I do that...but today I'm into neglect, so I'll be lazy and see if any of YOU can identify it for me, LOL. It has some scary looking mandibles and the body underneath tapers to a point like a wasp (I didn't see a stinger though). Any ideas as to what it is?
Edited to add: Sonya wins. It is indeed a Lacewing. I've only ever seen the green ones, and I have to admit I thought you were wrong, but nope, this is a Brown Lacewing...very beneficial in the garden, even if they are a bit scary looking. Those pincers in the front pierce aphids and suck their body dry. Cool!
And to Sonlight Garden's question, I couldn't find any proof of that, and they are used by gardeners to keep aphids at bay, so I doubt it's true. Scott seems to have survived his close encounter ;-).
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Sonya said...


bfarmmom said...

My children always told me that they spit poison in your eye that can blind you!! Is this true? If I were a good mom I would find out for sure! Great picture btw.

Steph said...

Forget the bug! That is the coolest shot you have ever taken!! GREAT!!!!

Luke said...

No insight on the bug, but the picture is very cool [smile].