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Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Day Nine

What a CRAZY day!!! I had a Dr.'s appt. at 9:45 this morning (got a new med to try should that AWFUL dizzy-migraine ever rear it's head again), so my sister came over at 9:30 to watch the kids. I had been trying to straighten up the dining room area in preparation for a later activity, but had gotten to that point where it was a huge mess teetering on the precipice of either eternal messiness or new found order and know that spot? Well, that's where it was when I left at 9:30, with 2 hours until the table needed to be usable. So of course, this is the day the Dr. was running an hour and 45 minutes behind! Yep! I got home 3 minutes AFTER our friends were to arrive. So much for a cleaned off table!. I got it done though (with my sister's help) and then we started on an art project we both wanted to do that Kiwi had found HERE. The results are below:
Mine...I can't resist an excuse to be crafty :-).

Scott's. It should be noted that you "blow" the tree's paint with a straw, so you have little control over where it goes or what the end result looks like.

Mimi's. She designed a waterfall (those are rocks down the side of the paper, and water in the middle) with a tree growing at the bottom.

TJ's. He is the one most likely to embrace the artist's original idea and actually TRY to do it :-).

After we did that, I had to run out the door for another Dr.'s appt. Kiwi stayed to watch my kids (good news-no cysts were found, so no surgery is needed!). I got home and cleaned the bathroom while Kiwi (who is a real God-send) graciously vacuumed my carpet to finish up cleaning before I hosted our Young Writers' Club. The 3rd graders and up go somewhere else, but I decided I'd try the littler kids (K-2) here this time. There must be truth to that full moon thing, because they were CRAZY!!! But they enjoyed it (I think!), and I hope they learned something. Everyone went home with a short story they composed and a picture they drew to go with it.
From there, I took the little kids to the house where the big kids were, exchanged kids so I had my own, drove to get dinner for mine, dropped them off at the church, and headed to a section practice that I had scheduled for my Tenors in UIP.
I go t done there at 8:10, went back to church, picked up the kids, went to my sister's and picked up Sari, and finally got home at 9:30.
I'm TIRED!!!!
I'm off to bed soon, but I hope you like the art work :-).
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