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Friday, April 3, 2009

My Day Three

Today started with an rare early morning thunderstorm that left me wondering if our homeschool group's used curriculum sale would be able to happen. I took the rain as God settling my personal dilemma as to whether I should attend the sale (since I am the group leader AND I have 3 boxes of homeschooling curriculum to get rid of) or go to the funeral for a wonderful Godly lady from our church. I decided God was encouraging me to go to the funeral, and I have no regrets. It was great, although I am sure that is not a word often used in relation to funerals...somehow they are different though when you know you will see the person again in heaven :-).
In addition to waking up to thunder, I had a personal thunderstorm in my head. The migraine that has been hinting around for 3 days decided to strike with a vengeance. It is by far the worst one I've experienced...not from a pain perspective, but from a dizziness perspective. And after two Treximets today, I am still living in my own personal hades where the world spins with every breath.
As a result, other than God providing me with divine relief for the funeral, I have been irritable and needing to be alone and stationary all day. After "the hubs" took the boys to scouts tonight though, Mimi was out bike riding with a friend, and Sari really wanted to be outside with the kittens, so I took my book outside and sat quietly and just watched her play. I LOVE her. She has such an amazing imagination, and such a love for God. She just randomly bursts into praise songs. Sometimes they are ones she has learned at church, but sometimes they are ones she just makes up. She's such a joy to watch. The picture above is her making artwork "cakes" for me on the driveway. She's still determined to stretch out my birthday as long as she can, and this was just one more example. I enjoy her soooo much, even when it's hard for me to enjoy anything. It was fun to be a fly on her wall tonight as she played happily by herself and I watched from the sidelines in between waves of feeling the world spin with every breath.
Here's praying I wake up without this sensation in the morning!
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1 comment:

Randi Sue said...

Hope you are feeling better.

My Libby is very content to play by herself or with her sisters most of the time. She really enjoys her toys and makes up songs, too.