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Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Day Five

Poor Hubs. His wife was incapacitated Friday and Saturday with a migraine, and he picks that time to come down with horrible allergies. Really. The kind with a fever and everything-everything except a functional wife or mamma for the kids.
Today I work up feeling better, which is good 'cause it was a busy day! The hubs was at church by 8 AM. I followed behind with the 3 kids (Scott was at a campout) by 9:30. At church until 12:30. Mimi went home with our Kiwi friends. Hubs home by 1ish. Eat lunch. NAP ;-). Then out of the house again before 3 so hubs and Scott could go to their Boys to Men mentoring project (building a corral at someone's house) and the two littles and I could go to Marie's house to visit with some old friends who have moved away to Idaho. It was good fun, and 5:30 came very quickly. Go get Mimi. Take all the kids to Nana and Pop-pop's house for dinner(the hubs and Scott met us there). Leave there around 8. GO to Aunt Fanny's to take her the book I needed to return to her. Stay and visit for a while with her and her husband's parents. Home just before 9. Just another day for our family, LOL.
This picture I actually took a few days ago. My husband blusters about having the kittens...or the bunny...or the cats (never the dog for some reason...), but under all that bluster is the kind of guy who falls asleep with a kitten on his stomach, :-). Gotta love my man.
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Tiffany said...

I love that picture! I hope you are both feeling better today!

Tiffany said...

My word verification thingy was "coleping"--I guess that is leaping with a friend?

Smith Schoolhouse said...

glad you're feeling better Amy! Ben always seems to have migraines at the most inconvenient times too! Usually when I need him most, am sick myself, or in the middle of many commitments. darn those things!

Steph said...

Ha! Glad to see you gave in and called him 'hubs'.