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Sunday, January 6, 2013

2012 in Review- August

August started with TJ doing a British Soccer Camp and VBS at our church (camp by day, VBS by night).

Mimi helped lead worship and in one of the classes.

This has to be my all-time favorite VBS craft EVER--old cassette tapes turned into critters.  Very cool!

Scott tried out his beard shirt that his aunt sent him for his birthday, LOL.

Sari went through an awkward week with a snaggle tooth that stuck straight outward.

And ended up with both front teeth coming out within days of each other (and the new tooth on its way in at the same time).
We did a Supercharged Science Chemistry class where we learned about how salt lowers the freezing point and we made fluorescent gak.

 Of course, Sari had to hang it from her nose...

TJ began Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day, and had this project on how wing shape affects flights distance.

 And a project that involved making bird feeders, so of course, he had to make crazy bird seed faces too.

He also did a nature scavenger hunt, and found this perfectly camouflaged grasshopper...
 a bird's nest...
 and a butterfly, just to name a few items.

We got a ride-on lawnmower from Gram.

TJ got a new haircut (which we both hated, so by the next month we were back to the "surfer do").

Scott continued with piano.

We girls got to escape to One Flight Up.

And Mimi continued wrapping herself in pieces of fabric and plummeting to Earth, LOL.

And I almost forgot: a trip to MOSI for their homeschool days.  Marie and her family were already planning on going as well, and so we met up with them there. 

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