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Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 in Review- March

We started March off celebrating Sari's 7th birthday a little bit early with Nana and Pop Pop at Kiku's.  The food is SOOOO good, but Sari does NOT like loud noises, and of course, there's lots of knife and spatula clanging, so she enjoyed the show with her fingers firmly in her ears.

Seth came to play, and the two cousins paused for mere moments for me to snap a picture.

Sari went to the birthday party of one of her friends.  The theme was "Tangled", so we had to do cool princess hair (she got the colored hair clips as a gift from Uncle Craig and Aunt Sheila).

 They even ordered floating lanterns, but it was windy, so they only tried one.

 The ever-creative Mimi designed the card :-).

Tj played spring soccer...

We had one last hoorah with the fort building kit before we passed it on to Goodwill.

We made Borax crystal shapes for St. Patty's day.

Emily designed and decorated Sari's cake.

And we had a small family gathering at Gram's.

Daddy took a rare day off and joined us at Universal the day after Sari's birthday (and 4 days before HIS birthday) for a joint celebration.

We made fake-batik banners for St. Patrick's Day.

Here are the final products...
And here's the final product for the one you can see Scott painting in the Feb. 2012 pictures:

We spent some time watching the night skies and viewing the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus.

We went on an uber-cool field trip to the Reptile Discovery Center where the actually milk poisonous snakes to make anti-venom.

The boys were thrilled...

 Mimi?  Not so much ;-).

And, since Sari got an American Girl doll for Christmas of 2011, Daddy made her a bed for Kanani, and I sewed the bedding:

 (Somewhere, I have a picture of the doll and the bedding actually ON the bed...but of course I couldn't find it.)

And at the end of March, Mimi and her friend L changed "gyms" for their Aerial classes. 

One last picture-- the cake the girls made me for my birthday.  I really am One Blessed Mamma.
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