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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 in Review- January

I did such an abysmal job blogging personal and homeschool events in 2012, that I figured I'd do a quick review of each month in pictures--if only for my own remembrance ;-).

 Mimi made me this picture for Christmas.  Hidden in it are the initials of everyone in our family.

We had a freeze and so the day before we went to a local park and picked tons and tons of oranges.   We had fresh juice for weeks!  We also set out some dishes of water and played with the ice in the morning.

 The robins stopped by for their annual gorging on the Camphor berries on our tree.

We had a work day at church to clean up the new property--cutting down dead trees, taking out dead bushes, weeding, etc.  In the process of cutting down one large dead tree, there was some excitement...the tree wasn't actually dead, so it did not fall in a predictable way and landed on our friends' brand new car. 

We took a field trip to homeschool day at the Old Florida Museum in St. Augustine.  Gram came with us, and thanks to her "senior citizen" discount, we also got in to the Fort for free.  The field trip was great, and it was nice to spend time with Gram.

 We went to Universal with our friends (above) and Gram (below).

My friend Heidi came to Disney, and I met up with her and some other homeschooling moms for tea at the Grand Floridian.  While we were doing that, her husband was brave enough to take her younger two kids and Mimi to Disney Quest for the day.

Mimi taught herself to embroider, and made this handkerchief for her friend Ry.

Here's Rascal- our school mascot, LOL.

We played some fun games like Bananagrams.

And just generally goofed around.

Well, those are the January highlights in a nutshell.  Can't wait to see what THIS January brings.
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