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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2012 in Review- September

TJ turned 11, and based on the lack of pictures of everything else, you'd think that was all we did all month.  We went out to Red Lobster for his birthday--it was all you can eat Shrimpfest, and my small boy loves shrimp.

 Then home for pie--TJ took a page from his brother's book and asked for some already made Oreo pie...

Then, in a separate event (despite the fact that TJ is wearing the same shirt in all these pictures), we went to Gram and Tom's for cake.  Mimi has now officially gotten taller than her Gram.

TJ had a "build a birdhouse" project for science.  He had a great time working with his daddy.  So far, nothing has decided to call it their home, but it looks nice on the tree :-).

And the teen girls had a youth group night about modest dressing that also involved a clothing swap.   Although she wasn't there, even Sari benefited from a few of the smaller unclaimed articles.

And of course, we had all the usual: silk, piano, soccer...

And of course, Disney.  Our first trip this month was to visit with my friend Heidi who was in town for the Ultimate Homeschool Field Trip.

The next trip was to Animal Kingdom.  The giraffes were very friendly that day!

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That was a fun night.