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Thursday, January 10, 2013

2012 in Review- October

Scott's piano teacher has two "standing gigs" for they can play every other month at a local nursing home, and two- they can play weekly at an open air market.  We do every nursing home visit, but don't do every week at the market-more like once every other month, but below is Scott playing at the market.

We had a family park day at a local park we had never visited before.  I tried to get a few pictures of Scott then, but that's easier said than done.  In the end, I got one though. 

There was this super cool tree at the park.  See that branch that is lying on the ground?  It grows like that!  It's totally healthy, and the rest of the tree is upright and fine, but this one offshoot begins about a foot off the ground and grows outward from the trunk.  Difficult to describe, but very different.

We went to watch my nephew play t-ball.

And Sari took a picture of my sister and I.

Mimi got her first make-up, compliments of a review we did for Beayoutiful.

Tyler played soccer...

We got kicked out of our church (not going to elaborate, nor beat a dead horse, but since it was a huge, painful event in our lives, I wanted to at least mention it for my own remembrences).

So then we had our Sundays open, and we took the first that we had "off" to go to the beach as a family before we began the quest for a new church home.

We went to Disney for Mimi's 13th birthday.  First to the Magic Kingdom...

Where we got to check out a sneak preview of New Fantasyland...

And we watched the parade.  I just love how Sari waves at all the characters.

The we went to Epcot.  By this point, I had "fixed" TJ's new haircut back to his "surfer do", and was trying to get a good picture, but it eluded me.
 All four of them with Spaceship Earth behind--until the mean old Cast Member told them they had to get down.  (That's very tongue in check, as I was a Cast Member, and was actually telling them to get down myself.)

Then home for some birthday ice-cream.

We celebrated Mimi's birthday family style the next day at Nana and Pop Pop's house with Gram and Tom too.

Scott's piano teacher does a fund raiser during the local craft festival--charging for parking and selling baked goods.  Scott and I took a shift that Saturday.

Then, I made a stop to pick up Mimi's friend Ry, and  drop Scott off, and we headed off to Mimi's class.

 She even got to show Ry some Lyra.

And Mimi paid for Ry to take the class out of her own money.  Ry LOVED it!

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