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Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 in Review- May

Are you sensing a theme yet?  Lots of Disney pictures!  We made a trip to the Studios at the beginning of the month.  This trip we took lots of the typical tourist pictures we never seem to take.

Sari fed a dinosaur ;-)
We did our favorite activity at the Studios--the drawing class at the Animation building.

Then, later that day, the Hubs met us at Epcot.  We had a rare treat- eating out at Rose and Crown.

The kids and I had taken the boat from the Studios to Epcot, so we took the boat back...right at fireworks time.

Mimi worked on her back bends and practiced "flying" on the silk.

We (big shock here) went to Magic Kingdom

TJ played more soccer...
Grandpa Ross got us tickets to the circus:

Mimi's friend Mad had a swimming birthday party.

We ended our year of American History with a Jeopardy style game:

 Oh, and we made an end-of-school trip to the Studios, LOL.

No pictures of this, but I also worked the FPEA conference again for RightStart over Memorial Day weekend.
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