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Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 in Review- June

Family day at the park--this time at North Lake playing boccie ball.

Mimi continued at Metro, but took a break from the children's class (mostly silk) in favor of her first love- Lyra- even though it meant joining an adult class.

We took one last trip to Magic Kingdom before our passes blacked out for the summer.

 The Hubs spoke at a computer convention, so we got to stay at a nice hotel with a lazy river--too fun!

 Mimi spent her money to get a feather put in her hair.

Scott fell asleep with Riley in his cage--crazy boy!

Scott picked up piano again, and his teacher's students perform at a local nursing home every other month.

And Scott turned 15 at the end of the month.  Normally, I make a cake for each child, but he wanted a Hershey's Sundae pie.  There's no accounting for taste, LOL.

And for the first time ever, we did school over the summer because the Crew continued over the summer.  These are pictures of the Discovery Scope that we reviewed.  It is one of our favorites things.  Very cool!

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Melissa said...

Hurrah for feathers in hair, Hershey's Sundae Pie and no word verification!

Kirsten said...

I have been enjoying your monthly updates!! Keep going. It's nice to see what you all have been up to!