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Thursday, January 10, 2013

2012 Review- November

November began with the Renaissance Faire.  We had not gone last year, so the kids were quite keen to go this year.

I loved that they added to the usual quest (a Clue-style mystery that you have to speak to the reenactors to get clues for) and added another quest to collect the stamps of all the "village" merchants.  Each one told the kids a little about what they did.  It was a nice addition.

Of course, there was the usual soccer, piano, and silk.

Aunt Sheila and Uncle Craig came for Thanksgiving.  We had several days to visit with them.  They came to Mimi's ballet class, and Miss Kate let her do a bit of silk at the end to show them.  Sheila even tried the silk at our house.

On Thanksgiving day, we got together at Nana and Pop Pop's- my family, the Hubs's sister and her family, my sister and her family, my brother and his wife, my mom, her fiance, and my ex-step-father.  And Plum.  And HE was the most popular person there.  Especially with the kiddos.

Of course, Sheila's always a big hit too ;-).

The Hubs decided we needed some games to play, so he brought a homemade charades, which was very popular with my nephew Ben.

I got a good picture of Ben alone...

And one of him with TJ...

and Mimi...

The Hubs never takes a serious photo.

Mimi and Sheila

The Hubs's other game contribution was Corn Hole.  We played it in Ohio when we visited, and so the Hubs wanted to make his own for us to use.  It made for some fun, even with the wayward bean bags.

Sari and I made a contribution too--we made the bean bags.  Or are they corn bags?  Either way, Mimi thought they made interesting headwear.

I had a photo shoot with a friend's family, and got a few pictures of fall in FL.

What a fun family :-)

The girls and I saw the tree lighting and Luminescence at the Gaylord.

Sari really enjoyed the rotating doors.

The Egde Effect.

Miss Christy

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