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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Really, really random

I have a million blog posts going through my head right now, and somehow the ones I need to write most are the ones I find myself always putting off.  Sometimes I have to laugh that I am so rebellious that I even rebel against myself--and usually to my detriment.  And in typing that, I have to say that I have a child who is EXACTLY the same way, and I wonder at the choices she makes sometimes that cause her to miss out on the good things she might otherwise receive...but here I am admitting to the world I do the same thing.  Note to self:  work on being as gracious to said child in her failings as God is with me in mine!

I've had sick kids lately, and lots of sore throats, so we've been making lots of Jello Jigglers.  I think I need a support group...Hello, I'm One Blessed Mamma, and I love Jello Jigglers...I dream about them...I sneak to the fridge to eat them...and I don't even have a sore throat.  I also love Spaghettios and Kraft Mac and Cheese.  THERE, now I've confessed.

I have a bunch of friends who are overhauling their eating habits right now.  Several are doing this Whole30 thing, others Paleo, others GAPS, others...well, I don't even know.  Honestly, being the rebellious person I am, every time I read one of their posts, I want to go eat chocolate...a LOT of it.  Yet as they post about how they've lost 12 pounds in half a month and I just had to go buy new jeans because I'm getting fat the old ones shrank, I think they may be on to something.  But I can't loose too much weight because being fat is currently my only advantage over my teenage son who left me behind in height several months and a few inches ago.

For a few months now, I've been getting spam pop ups whenever I am on Blogger.  So then I had to put a serious pop up blocker on my computer...but do you know how many websites you visit open a new window for things you click on?  And then I have to approve each one, the webpage has to reload, I have to click on the thing again, and finally I can view whatever it is I really want to see.  Sadly, the things I want blocked still seem to get through, but all my intentional web surfing is made much more inconvenient.  OY!  Is anyone else have pop-up problems related to Blogger? 

There is some young adult in our "neighborhood" who just got a new play toy.  It's a teeny tiny motorcycle.  Seriously, it looks like something the Shriners would ride in their circus.  Apparently, these things are called "pocket rockets".  I found this picture on a site that sells them, and you can click the picture to read more:
Anyway, this dude near us is tall, and looks even more ridiculous.  I can't imagine for a second this is comfortable, but I can tell you that it is profoundly annoying.  The noise it makes is like a chainsaw mating with a gas powered model airplane, with a little bit of weed eater/edger thrown in for good measure.  And he like to ride it up and down, and up and down, and up and down, and up and down (you get the idea) the hill in front of our house.  (Right at my nap time to boot!) I thought it might just be me, and I might just be old and a fuddy-duddy, but today even my kids complained about the noise.  Upon some investigation, it seems that it is likely not "street" legal, and we live in city limits, so the question is...which will expire first, the novelty of the new toy, or my patience?  I don't want to be one of "those people" but I really, truly cannot describe in words how annoying this noise is.  (And for the record, I'd just go talk to him, but I don't even know who he is or where he hails from.  I think he just rides over from where ever he live for the sheer purpose of making me batty thrill of riding down that hill.)  Y'all can pray for me that my patience wins out :-).

What else, what else?  Actually, the list is probably endless there, but I'll sign off for now.  My computer is unplugged and the battery is about to die, so I should quit before it shuts down on me. 

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Melissa said...

I LOVE random posts! I have a young-ling in my home experimenting with a little, not the one you're thinking of. Said child has always been angelic....maybe too angelic?? New rebellious streak - that said person tells me about (which in itself is hilarious) - is confounding me. Mothering! Always something to keep me on my toes!

FlyMama Di said...

I loved your post today... So --all over the place! So ADD, like, "Oh look! A bunny!" (We're reading Alice in Wonderland, and the whole book is like that. "I think I'll eat this (random) mushroom!" and she grows to five times her height... "I think I'll drink this little vial that says 'Drink Me'." and she shrinks to 2 inches...

All over the place. That's where I live. I lived in Denver when my daughter was 2, and I used to get angry at God that he always timed these HUGE thunder storms right when my daughter needed to nap! (And don't get me started about the one kid that there always seems to be, that will start bounce, bounce, bouncing that basketball during my/my child's nap.

I think I need to be plopped out in the country somewhere where the main street is at least 1/2 an acre from my front door, like where I grew up. ::wistful sigh::

Oh, wait, this is your blog, not mine! I'd better stop talking now...

Julie said...

This is my favorite kind of blog post. I am right there with you eating a bunch of chocolate after hearing about all the things other people are not eating lately.