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Friday, March 1, 2013

31 Day Blog Challenge- Day 1

The 31 day blog challenge kicks off with this: self portrait and 5 random facts about yourself.  So here you go:
Here's me and my "small boy".  I'm totally into this "hold the camera out in front of us with one arm and take the picture" thing.  It's the only way I'm ever in a picture with my kids...and the older kids hate it, which makes it even more fun :-).

Okay, 5 random facts:

1)  I'm not very vain, but I have these things that have sprung up in the past year called xanthomas on each eyelid and I HATE THEM!!!  They are cholesterol deposits and usually occur in old people (NO easy shots at my age) or people with high cholesterol, and I don't fit either description.  Make-up does not hide them, not that I wear it much, and the one on my right eye is very noticeable.   (Yes, you can see it in the above photo)  It's kind of orange-ish in color.  Worse, they can grow and impede your ability to see, and the only way to get rid of them is surgery.  Of course this would happen to me! 

2) To attempt to draw focus away from my spotty eyelids, I am now wearing lipstick for the first time in decades.  Clinique makes this new chubby stick, and I love it.

3) My almost 8 year old still sleeps in our bed more often than not.  She has her daddy wrapped around her little finger, and she convinces him she's just there to "snuggle".  Meanwhile, they both fall asleep.  While I am sure she won't still be doing this when it's time to go to college, I have to admit I'm pretty over it right now.  

4) WOW, there have been pretty grumpy things, and I'm not really grumpy....Let's find something more upbeat.  Okay, here's a little laugh at the expense of myself--on our worship team at our new church, I could actually be the MOTHER of every single other member.  Well, one of them I would have had to give birth at age 12, but physically it is possible.  They are totally young, and rocking, and for the most part amazingly talented, and I am WAY out of my league and loving it!

5)  When people talk about their new eating plan ('cause "diets" are SO yesterday) or their insane workouts, it makes me want to go eat a cookie.  Not that I couldn't stand to revise my eating or exercise a bit more, but the rebel in me wants to do the exact opposite of whatever insanely healthy thing they are doing.  Sad that THIS is how the rebel in me now expresses used to find much more fun and creative, albeit less tasty, outlets ;-).
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Tiffany said...

I have the same problem when I read all about people eating healthy. It just makes me want to exercise my freedom of eating whatever I want. I think I've gained weight just since lots of my FB friends have started doing the Whole 30, just in rebellion. :0)

Julie said...

Catching up on your blog and eating some cookies at the same time!!