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Sunday, March 10, 2013

31 Day Blog Challenge- Day 10

Day 10's question is, "What is your daily routine?"  Man, I wish I had one.  Not that there isn't routine to my days...just that I wish I had ONLY one, and not a different one for everyday of the week.  If I strip the day to its most generic form, then it's something like this:

  • up between 6:30-7:30
  • quiet time with my Bible and my Lord
  • facilitate Sari's breakfast (I'm really trying to take myself out of that equation)
  • wake my oldest two and encourage TJ to leave his room and start his day
  • hound my eldest until he takes his pills
  • eat breakfast myself somewhere around 8:45ish
  • begin our day (school during the week, neglected household tasks on weekends)
  • lunch around 12:30-1ish
  • a little more work and then a 25 minute quiet time for mommy (a.k.a. a nap)
  • begin dinner prep around 4-4:30ish (frequently we have evening activities that start around 6-6:30 and go for hours, so we have to eat early)
  • evening activities/catch up on undone work
  • kids to bed around 8 and prayer time with them
  • 9ish- TV time with the Hubs and work on the computer (editing photos or blogging)
  • bed after everyone else is asleep...frequently that's midnight, although they are in their rooms WAY before that.  I just can't go to bed until I know they are all asleep.  I'm one of those 10 hours of sleep a night people, and if you notice, I get 6:30 most nights, so that's where that 25 minute catnap makes the difference between awake and functional and dragging and cranky ;-).
That's a generic day, and most days aren't, but there's a rough idea of my daily schedule.
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