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Monday, March 25, 2013

A is for Atlas V Rocket

My friend Marcy hosts a Blogging Through the Alphabet meme.  Since we've seen how terrible I have done at the blogging every day thing, I thought maybe I can do a weekly thing.  Of course, I'm starting a week late, so I'd say I'm pretty much on par for my usual, LOL.

A is for Atlas V Rocket.  I've lived in Florida for 24 years, and until last week I had never seek a rocket launch!  Somehow, it took family coming to town from out of state to get me to play tourist in my own home state and go see a launch.  We met them at Jetty Park just across from Cape Canaveral, and spent the day playing at the beach.  The launch window was from roughly 5:20-6:00, which is pretty long.  The weather though was supposed to be yucky, with thunderstorms predicted in the afternoon...

It was beautiful!  The launch went up right on time.  Rockets aren't quite as exciting as the shuttle was, but it was fun to see it up close, and the kids really enjoyed it.

 Look to the far right and you can actually still see the rocket.  

Pretty contrail.

Apparently, this type of Atlas Launch, without the solid rocket boosters, is very clean, environmentally speaking.  This I learned from my know, the ones who don't live here, LOL.

 Here are two of my kiddos watching the launch.  Sari managed to video the whole thing, although I imagine all but the most seasoned sailor might toss their cookies trying to watch it--it's a little bumpy ;-).

A is also for Athena.  She's my second cousin.  She is 3 1/2 and cute as a button.  She and Sari really hit it off.  Athena reminds me SOOO much of her grandmother (my great aunt).  She was one of my favorite people, and I miss her a lot.

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