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Thursday, March 7, 2013

31 Day Blog Challenge- Day 7

Today's question is, "What's your dream job?"  You would think that would have a simple answer, but of course, nothing is simple for me. 

 The first answer is,  "I'm doing it" because I always, always wanted to be a mom.  I'm thrilled to be a mom, and it really is a dream come true.  

The second answer is, "Getting to travel the world as a photographer."  But while I would truly love that, it's really a much more solitary life than is practical for a married mother of four ;-).

The last answer is, "What I used to do--giving tours at Disney".  I worked doing corporate and educational programs, as well as just behind the scenes tours.  I loved that job, and I'm be quite happy to go back to it.  It never seemed like work.  Imagine getting paid to take people to see the things they've always wanted to see at Disney.  It was great.  And we are definitely a Disney family...that's where we are today, celebrating my youngest daughter's birthday a day early ;-).

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