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Sunday, October 7, 2007

100th post

In keeping with tradition, here are 100 things about me.

1) I was born in Buffalo, NY.
2) Except for the fact that I had an alcoholic parent, I had an amazing childhood when we lived there.
3) Life got much less ideal when we moved to Memphis, TN, but I love Memphis and still consider it “home”-although every year that feeling slips away a bit more.
4) I have family that I love dearly in the Finger Lakes area of NY.
5) I have always wanted to live in NC, but 2 years ago we go the chance to move there, and we didn’t take it. God was totally in those details, and it made me realize how much I’ve come to be okay with living in Florida because…
6) I have the most AMAZING group of friends. Really, there are not adjectives enough to describe them, or what they mean to me, or the depth of my love for them-although I probably spend far too little time telling them all that. They are an answer to a prayer I never thought to say, and God is so good He gave me better friends than I ever could have thought to ask for.
7) I am hugely insecure, but my friends’ strengths make up for my weaknesses.
8) I can’t remember a time when I didn’t know Jesus, but I spent far too many years not ‘walking in a manner worthy”. My pastor says there are 3 types of people-saints (those believers who have been saved by God’s grace), aint’s (non-believers), and y’aints (as in- you may be a saint, but “you ain’t” living like one). I was a y’ain’t for way too many years. God used my friends, my church, and Precept Bible study to change that and call me back to my relationship with Him.
9) While I know I am forgiven of the events, I have many deep regrets from my past. I’m not going to confess them to you here :-).
10) I was ridiculously smart as a child.
11) I have probably not used that intelligence at all in the way my parents envisioned.
12) That’s because I always wanted to be a mom.
13) If it were up to me, I probably would not have gone to college for that reason.
14) But I did, and I have a degree in Social Science Education with a minor in History.
15) God has blessed me with four wonderful children, and we Homeschool, but very seldom do I ever use anything I learned in college for that. (But I met my husband at college, so it was not at all a waste.)
16) The things I needed to learn, the skills I really needed to be a good wife and mother, those are what I never was educated about.
17) It shows.
18) I was raised Christian, but not with a Biblical worldview. I did not even know what that was until a few years ago.
19) I am trying to instill a Biblical worldview in my children.
20) I have been married for 15 years to a man I love, but sometimes don’t like so much.
21) That’s because I was brought up believing the world’s ideas about marriage and not God’s. I struggle with that daily still. God’s way is so much better, but so contrary to what the world tells us. It is a daily, sometimes hourly, battle to die to my self and always treat my husband the way God would have me treat him. I grew up believing every girl deserved a knight in shining armor. Now I know that I have one…I just have to change my definition of what a knight in shining armor looks like to match what God says, and not what the world says.
22) My deepest desire for my children is that they understand the roles of a Godly husband and a Godly wife, and that they are equipped to be those things. (It goes without saying that I desire them to accept Jesus as their savior, and 3 of them have.)
23) I am the adult child of an alcoholic. It’s what I am, it had shaping influences in my life, but it does not define me.
24) I really don’t drink, but I’m not morally opposed to it. It’s easy for me not to drink because…
25) I hate beer and...
26) I don’t really care for wine.
27) My great uncle helped start a winery. All my relatives drink beer or wine, almost always in moderation.
28) Drunk people and cigarette smokers physically repulse me, although I still love people who have been known to be one or both.
29) I have never fired a gun and I have no desire to.
30) I do, for some unknown reason, think I would be good at archery, and I’d love to learn.
31) I’d also like to learn how to knit, crochet, play guitar, do stained glass, and throw pottery (not like pitch it across the room-that I already excel at. I mean “throw” as in make something on a wheel).
32) I’d love to learn to swing dance and ballroom dance with my husband.
33) I wish I could: play piano better, keep my house clean, keep my house uncluttered, and sing with the voice of an angel, and not just the voice of an angel’s back-up singer.
34) I LOVE to sing.
35) I’m not sure others love to listen when I do, LOL.
36) I am related to Princess Di, and therefore to the future king of England
37) I am also related to Mary, queen of Scots
38) The closest I will ever get to being a princess is being a daughter of the King of Kings-and that’s more than good enough for me.
39) I’ve “assisted in the portrayal” of a Disney character…for 25 whole minutes.
40) I also have driven a Disney monorail. Did you know monorails can speed? Come on, just ask me how I know, LOL.
41) I worked at Walt Disney World for 10 years.
42) Neither of the above was ever my job.
43) The first job they offered me was, ironically enough, driving the monorail, and I turned them down because I was 18 and that seemed like such a hugely responsible position.
44) HAH! Monorails run on a TRACK for goodness sake! So what job did I take? A tour guide for the Disney-MGM Studios. Did I mention part of the job was DRIVING A TRAM 6 cars long, NOT on a track, loaded with 200 people, around a backlot frequently occupied by production vehicles?
45) I LOVED my job, and all of the ones I did at Disney. I even became a trainer and taught others how to drive that monstrosity. For one week, while you are training them, anything they hit with the tram goes on your record. My trainees NEVER hit anything.
46) My last job was my favorite. I was a Senior Program Facilitator for the Disney Institute/Disney University. I taught behind the scenes tours, corporate training classes, and just public interest type stuff like….
47) I actually taught a class on Architecture, which I knew nothing about, but I’m a quick study. Just ask me what a scupper is for!
48) I know a ridiculous amount of useless Disney trivia, like Donald Duck’s middle name.
49) I have no problems speaking in front of people, even large groups.
50) I have HUGE problems speaking to people one on one.
51) My friends don’t, and they all cover for me…did I mention how wonderful they are?
52) I have been a reporter for a cable news station. I HATED it!!!
53) The girl who did my make-up for senior prom is a movie star now.
54) I don’t have a favorite color.
55) I hate almost all televised sports. I’d rather watch paint dry.
56) I have never been popular.
57) I was a sorority girl (Pi Beta Phi). Even sororities need a few smart girls. It was such a different experience for me, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I have lifelong friends from Pi Phi.
58) You know that dream where your teeth are falling out? It has happened to me in real life. While eating a piece of candy corn. At work. When I called my dentist, they wanted to know if it was an emergency. I said, “I’m holding a large piece of my tooth in my hand, so yes, I’d say it is an emergency.” They replied that the soonest they could get me in was 2 weeks. I switched dentists.
60) I have horrible teeth. I had my first root canal/crown at age 23-I’ve had 2 more root canals and 3 more crowns since-but no more broken teeth.
61) I started going gray at 22. Just this morning, my husband said, “Look down.” When I did, he said, “You are going SILVER. It looks like you have PAINT in your hair.” Yep, thanks a bunch for THAT one honey! Thankfully, at 5’9”, most people still don’t notice because they are not looking at the top of my head.
62) I dyed my hair for over a decade.
63) Now I’ve gone all natural-natural haircolor, natural hair style, natural skin care and hair products, natural deodorant, natural toothpaste…the list is endless.
64) I don’t even wear make-up, but I never did that anyway.
65) Except for shell collecting and long walks at sunset, I HATE the beach.
66) I HATE sand, especially in my food, in my mouth, on my body, in my hair, under my fingernails….
67) I also HATE salt. Not just salt water, but really anything salty. It’s the bane of my husband’s cooking and eating existence.
68) I LOVE taking pictures.
69) Beyond pointing and shooting, I really know very little about photography however...
70) I think I am pretty good at it.
71) Though I know I shouldn’t, I deeply desire to be the best at something, anything, but I never am.
72) I am learning to be content in all circumstances, even the one above.
73) Secretly, I worry that I am screwing my kids up for life with my unstructured homeschooling approach. It’s a throwback to my very academically oriented school days.
74) Spiritually, I know that if the ONLY thing I taught them was about their Creator, and the only thing they ever learned was to accept Jesus as their savior, love Him with all their heart, and have a real, personal relationship with God through prayer and His word, that would be more than enough.
75) But while they are in this world, they still need to be able to balance a checkbook, so therein lies my struggle.
76) I have ALWAYS been entranced with the lights of an airfield at night.
77) I love to bake. It shows (on my less than girlish figure).
78) I have never felt thin.
79) I now realize I was thin once, and that all measurements, including weight, are relative.
80) I am a doula-a professional child birth labor coach. I have a passion for teens especially. But I recently let my certification lapse since I feel like God has called me to other ministries at this time in my life, and since certification is nice, but not necessary to helping a woman in labor.
81) I excel at debate.
82) I LOVE writing and I am a decent writer.
83) I was a competitive ice skater. Ice Dancing was my thing, and I was pretty good, but not the best.
84) I have a thing for penguins, although I am really trying to rid myself of my collection as they are just more clutter, and more to dust. Besides, my kids have their own collections now, so do I really need one too?
85) I did yoga for 5 years. I love it. Just not the new age religion stuff that usually goes with it.
86) I am mildly dyslexic-a fact which I am constantly reminded of as I type this.
87) I have been in 9 car accidents.
88) 2 were my fault.
89) I love to read.
90) I am a perfectionist. Some people turn perfectionism into Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I turn in into Organizationally, Completely Dysfunctional.
91) I also love to do soduku, and eat chocolate.
92) I hate to sew because, did I mention, I am a perfectionist and NOTHING ever turns out right for me. I really want to become a good sew-er though.
93) I have a nasty temper. I say nasty things and tend to slam and throw things when I am really mad, which thankfully doesn’t happen much anymore, although a matchbox plane found flight just the other day (no husband was harmed in the throwing, and no children were even awake, but BOY was it a reminder of how far I still have to go).
94) The Bible tells us not to sin in our anger. I really have had to work on that coming from an alcoholically abusive household. It took me years to understand the difference between punishment and discipline, and even more years to get a handle on what that looks like in a functional parent child relationship. God’s perfect example as our heavenly Father has been the single biggest help to me. I understood God so much more when I became a parent.
96) I LOVE ice cream…mint chocolate chip is my favorite.
97) I ABHOR stupid humor like The Office or Seinfeld. Those happen to be the favorite shows of two of my very best friends.
98) I love British humor, and cleverly written TV like The West Wing or Studio 60-both of which are no longer on because the rest of the world abhors cleverly written TV and loves stupid humor.
99) I want to travel before I die. I am desperate to see the Holy Land, especially with Kay Arthur, who teaches Bible Study from the actual locations they took place. I also want to go to Australia, Alaska, Hawaii, and all of Europe. I have never taken a cruise, and would love to cruise the Mediterranean or take a cruise to Alaska.
100) I fall more and more in love with my God everyday. His word is so rich, so current, so timely, so perfect. I love my church, which is the most humble group of genuine servants you have ever seen. I love that my pastor cries every time he prays, and that his wife makes me laugh every time we talk. I love that my kids BEG to go to church, and that it is a body of believers truly united by love-the agape kind. I love living in a country where I can worship my God freely, and I love that He is jealous for me. I love that He created me to be a help meet to my husband and the beauty of that position. I hate that I have spent, and sometimes continue to spend so much time “kicking against the goads”, and I treasure all the things my God has for me to learn and all the things He has for me to do. I love my children, my husband, my friends, my family, but most of all I love my Savior and my Lord.
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Tiffany said...

Believe it or not, I also like British humor. Ollie and I used to watch the britcoms every Saturday night! We haven't done that in a while though. I loved your 100 Things. Especially the one about marriage and your last one. You are awesome and I am blessed to know you and be a part of your life!

Clunn Family said...

Beautiful! And like much of life, bittersweet in many areas...Though I'm one of the NEWER friends, I know I'll remember you forever! Little oily "Fearless Footprints" on my heart...Lol

Lisa said...

This is why I love blogs. Thank you for sharing yourself...I loved it. You bless my heart. Oh...and be sure to ask Doug about the flying lotion bottle on our honeymoon. :)