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Friday, October 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Mimi!!!!

My sweet girl turned 8 today. (On the phone in this picture talking to her Gram for her birthday.) I remember when she was born as if it was only yesterday. Today, inspired by moms I've heard of who tell their children the story of the day they were born, I decided to share with Mimi the abridged version. Ironically, we celebrated her birthday at the same park today that I was at with her older brother while in labor the morning of the day she was born 8 years ago. That did not hit me until after her party there.

Since we were riding in the car while I shared the story, I had turned the radio down to be sure she heard what I said. So I finished the story..."And we went from Miss Terri's office (the midwife) to the hospital, and you were born less than an hour later...17 minutes after they broke my water " (being a doula, we watch a LOT of babies being born on TV, so she is familiar with the process...not to mention she saw her sister be born). "Cool" she answers. "Can you turn the music up?"

So much for waxing nostalgic :-).

We had Mimi's party at the park with all her friends, and it was great. (Oh, K, I am feeling soooo guilty that my husband said you guys are HOME from PA and I did not think to call you because I thought you were still gone...PLEASE forgive me!) Mimi wanted Dirt Cake (pudding and crushed oreos) for her cake, which was wonderful since usually I spend hours decorating their cakes. The dirt cake worked out great for my godson too, since it is also his birthday and we sang to him as well.

(His dad is finally out of the hospital, and mostly out of the woods, but it will be a long recovery.)

We started out the morning with our homeschool group overrunning a local eatery in town. We never thought to call ahead, and they never dreamed that they'd have an extra 50+ people on a Friday morning, but it worked out. Mimi still thinks they all came for HER birthday, LOL, and I hate to burst that bubble.
Everyone else went from there to the Scarecrow Stroll in a local town, but we had an orthodontist appt. as Scott's appliance was falling out of his mouth, so we had to get that fixed. We got done there 50 minutes from the party's start time, and had a 15 minute trip home to grab everything and then 15 minutes back to the same town for the party.
At the party, Scott found and then proceeded to pick up, a baby snake. I am hoping it is a rat or corn snake, but thankfully it didn't bite him so totally identifying it is not life or death, but would be good to know for future reference.

Mimi was all smiles after her party and we all agreed that it was really nice. The best way to celebrate is just to spend time with friends. She LOVES her gifts, and has tried on all the clothes, is wearing her new earring and pj's and her sister Sari is going to TOWN with the magnetic dolls Mimi got. I mean, she has it ALL going on. Such a little mom she is!
(Mimi opening her presents, with TJ and Sari right there in the mix with all Mimi's girl friends.)
We ended our day BACK in that same town for an evening street party. Well, that's what it was supposed to be, except that apparently the city doesn't want the celebration anymore, but the Chamber or the Merchants don't want to give it up, so it was a pseudo street party. Some of our friends (Marie's oldest two and Aunt Fanny's oldest) were singing with their theatre group, and we all went for ice cream after. I think the blood sugar level was through the roof today, but my kids all went to bed on time, so it's not all bad!
I'm so blessed to have Mimi as my daughter. She is really a beautiful girl inside and out. And she LOVES the Lord, which is so amazing to witness. I'm so glad God chose US to be her parents.
We love you Mimi!
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Tiffany said...

That was a great picture of Scott! Mimi is such a fun kid. I enjoyed just listening to her last night. She has so many ideas and they are so creative! Do you know she has a band called the American Eagles? They decided that H could be the announcer.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever identify your snake? It looks like a red rat corn snake.